Sunday, June 4, 2017

10 Months of our sweet Samuel

I really don't think there is anything in the world better than a 10 month old baby. This month with Samuel has been so fun and he has Preston and I dying laughing every day. He is such a little ham, constantly making the most hilarious faces to get us to laugh. I am truly so grateful I get to be Samuel's mama and couldn't love this time as a family of three anymore.

10 month old Samuel loves...

Making funny faces! Seriously, from the time I pick him up out of his crib in the morning he starts doing the goofiest faces to get me to laugh. It is the absolute funniest/ sweetest thing I have ever seen. 

Moving everywhere, climbing up on everything and opening any and all cabinets (and anything else he can get into...) Little man is fast and loves having free reign of the house to move all over the place! 

Building towers/ chasing things. We spend most of our playtime building towers out of wooden blocks and recycled containers (which are Samuel's very favorite toys).

Balls! We also do a lot of ball rolling back and forth, especially first thing in the morning when we have our quiet playtime downstairs. 

Being outside. He is still my trusty little sidekick on walks and workouts and we spend lots of time outdoors. Now that the weather is warmer we are spending afternoons playing with his water table and plan to start going to splash pads and the pool now that they are open!

Dislikes: Having his face cleaned, when I leave the room, when Preston goes to work without saying goodbye and having toys taken from him. He also gets super upset when he gets bopped by other kids. We've had a few times lately where at story time or play dates he has gotten an elbow to the face or head butted, and he used to brush it off but lately it makes him way more sad (embarrassed, maybe?). He also hates the slide at swim class - so random, but he really, really does not like it!

Stats: We were at my mom's house a week ago and he was 24 lbs 8 oz (taken on her home scale). While he is still huge, I think that his weight gain has slowed down because he is moving all over the place now! He definitely seems to have grown taller too but we haven't measured him to confirm.

Eating: Still such a great eater, which I am forever thankful for. Lamb, egg yolk, avocados, bananas, cauliflower and sweet potatoes are favorites and are in regular rotation these days. Samuel loves feeding himself chunks of food but is still good about letting me give him some mashes (which I love because then I can add in probiotics, vitamins, etc). He eats three times a day and while he hasn't refused anything yet, he makes funny faces when he has mango and blueberries - I think he just isn't quite used to the sweetness? He also still breastfeeds several times during the day, we feed on demand so it is normally about 6 times a day. I am so thankful to be able to continue nursing him and I truly cherish that build-in daily bonding time with my little man. 

Sleeping: We're still following the 2-3-4 wake time routine which works great for us. We've had some very early mornings lately (5 a.m.) which coupled with night waking has made for some very tired parents on several occasions. While Samuel has done a nine hour stretch a handful of times, most of the time he is up at least every four hours. This is definitely the hardest thing as a mom for me to deal with. Samuel puts himself to sleep great at the beginning of the night and for both of his naps but is not at all interested in doing that when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Oomph. On the bright side, our coffee is strong - and he is an awesome napper (usually napping around 8 a.m and 12:30 for 75 minutes each)!

Personality: The absolute goofiest, sweetest, happiest boy in the world. He of course, has his moments like any baby, but the vast majority of the time he is such a little joy. Like I mentioned above, he thinks it is the best to make funny faces to get Preston and I to smile and laugh. He is very social with older kids and adults and wants to have conversations with everybody. He is a big talker - constantly babbling and making tons of funny sounds. He gets very excited about things and does the cutest high pitch squeal - I have got to get better about getting things on video! We continue to get comments about how happy Samuel is and we are so thankful for his joyful, silly demeanor. It really is just the most incredible thing to be a parent and watch your beautiful newborn turn into a toddler with a big, distinct personality right in front of your eyes!

Firsts: Pulling up on everything! And into absolutely everything! I will turn my head for one second while making breakfast and Samuel will be in another room trying to open a baby-locked cabinet. The best first is definitely the silly faces he has been making to get us to laugh. He has also been emulating sounds more, and while he still says mama all the time we are starting to hear some other word-like babbles like baby. First time going to a baby yoga story time class (which Samuel thought was the greatest thing ever, probably because he has a not-so-secret crush on the adorable teacher). I am sure there are so many more - he is learning new things everyday so it is hard to remember it all! Samuel also got to meet his first dog! We picked out the puppy, Lyla, that we are going to be bringing home very soon.

Parents: This month has been awesome as parents. Preston and Samuel get closer everyday - they can sit at the breakfast table and make goofy faces at each other for ten minutes straight, it is hilarious. I love my days with Samuel, we have so much fun together and this age is such a great one for exploring and doing activities. Within a week and a half we are going to have a puppy and soon Samuel will be walking so I am just really trying to savor this sweet, calm time in our lives. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

9 Months of Sammy J

I feel like I blinked and I have a NINE MONTH OLD!!! How did this happen?! I am willing time to slow down but also can't believe how much more fun Samuel keeps getting with each passing day. We are definitely in a sweet spot right now - Samuel is so fun, playful and interactive and while he is mobile (and quick!) he isn't yet walking which makes him much easier to manage. I just want stay in this stage forever!

Likes: His parents! He has started to get a little bit of separation anxiety and definitely prefers to have eyes on me (typically this is only a thing when it is just the two of us - if there are others he can play with he is happy). He also gets so excited to see Preston when P wakes up in the morning and joins us downstairs and when he comes home from work.

For toys, Samuel's absolute favorite things are water bottles, balls and empty boxes! He can't get enough of them! He also adores his Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles and the empty bowls and measuring cups that we use as drums and to build towers.

Reading books! I've always read to Samuel, but now he is actually focusing on the pages and enjoying them (versus just eating the books like he has done in the past, ha!). I will catch him flipping through pages on his own and it makes my book-loving self so, so happy.

Being outside. We spend at least a couple of hours outside every day and it is both mine and Samuel's happy place. He is the happiest when he is crawling in the grass (and sneaking in a bite or two!). Still LOVES the swings at the park too - I need to take a video of him on the swing, it is pure joy!

Dislikes: Getting his face wiped after eating - you would think I am torturing this boy with the faces/ sounds he makes as I get him cleaned up! He also doesn't like having things taken away from him (especially by other babies while playing). And, naturally, he doesn't like when we tell him he can't do things. My mom has always said that you need to start discipline early and sure enough 9 months seems like the magic age! He is so smart and understands boundaries so we are having to enforce rules (like staying away from electric outlets!). He definitely doesn't like being told no, and will make funny faces (which I have to really work hard not to laugh because they are HILARIOUS) and is very verbal about it, but about 80% of the time he is really good about listening.

Stats: We had his 9 month doctor appointment and he was 30 inches tall (94th percentile) and 24 lbs 2 oz (93rd%), our big guy! We get comments all the time on how quickly he is growing and how he looks so much older than he is thanks to his size and a full head of hair. Half of the time I want to say, HE IS STILL MY LITTLE TINY BABY, OKAY?! ;)

Eating: This boy is such an awesome eater. I'm pretty big on good nutrition, especially at this age, so I have had a lot of fun making different recipes and feeding Samuel tons of different foods. We stick with pretty traditional, nutrient-dense food which looks a lot different than the normal baby food - things like liver and sardines are in regular rotation and our big guy seems to really enjoy them! I plan to do a whole post at some point on our eating adventures, but if you are a mama looking for great info on feeding your babe I highly recommend this book.

Sleeping: Still waking up a couple of times at night. I had mentioned that we were going to start working on that but thanks to teething and a cold we have put it off. Fortunately, he is a great napper and even with the couple of wakes up he still gets a solid 13.5-14 hours per day. I am hesitant to switch up his schedule because it works really well for us, Samuel is in bed at 6 and then normally wakes up around 6, and takes naps around 8 and 12:30. The early bedtime means Preston and I get time each night to relax and have dinner together, I can have girls nights regularly and, once we line up a regular babysitter, we plan to squeeze in many more date nights!

Personality: THIS BOY IS SO FUN. He is truly the most gregarious, silly, happy-natured boy I have ever met. He has a huge smile he loves to flash at people and he is at his happiest in the mornings playing with mom and making silly faces and in the afternoons when he gets park time with mom and dad. He is starting to interact a lot more with other babies (up until now he has loved flirting with their moms more than anything) and it is so sweet to watch. He definitely has shown us his temper too - especially when his toys are taken away from him! We've been doing it regularly to try to get him a little bit more used to it but homebody does not appreciate it!

Firsts: Has mastered real crawling, though he still goes back to worm-scootch every now and again which is so cute! He has gotten his top two teeth as well for a total of four now. He is also pulling up on furniture, we've had a couple big spills, which I know I need to get used to but it is so sad for me to see him hurt! He has also had his first bit of separation anxiety and, like I mentioned above, he prefers to know I am close by and he wants to have eyes on dad when he is home. He also went underwater and held us breath in swim lessons for the first time! He is up to three seconds and really loves most of swim class - everything besides the slide at the end which he screams the second he is at the top! He has been so interactive and loves waving, clapping, turning on and off light switches, reading books - doing so many activities that make him feel like such a big boy to me!

Parents: We are doing really well! This age is such a fun one and we are trying to focus on enjoying this stage - we have a great rhythm, Samuel is easy to take in public, he is a great napper, etc. We are getting a puppy in June so we know that life will be in a bit crazier then! I definitely have my moments when I get stressed or frazzled (Preston can definitely attest to this, ha) but overall life really is so sweet and I try to remember how lucky I am to being staying home with my little man. We are talking to a few different babysitters right now and I think our top priority is to find a really great one that we are comfortable with so we can have dates lined up very regularly! We are much more 'in sync' with regular date nights but I am very selective with who we leave Samuel with (aka only my mom and sister up until this point!) and so our search is on!

I had to throw in the above picture of Samuel and I at our workout, we do Stroller Strides several times a week and absolutely love it. The sunshine, workouts, and being surrounded by amazing mamas and babes is such a life-saver for Samuel and I. For Preston, his sanity saver is playing flag football which he normally does on Saturday mornings and Monday nights. Once the weather cools down, Sammy and I are excited to go watch him on Saturday mornings!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Our first Easter as family of 3 was so much fun! I have always been a huge fan of holidays - any reason to celebrate! But Easter is at the very top of my list right up with Christmas - I can't think of anything worth celebrating more than the Resurrection. We had such a fun week of Easter Egg hunts, play dates and then church, brunch and games with family on Easter Sunday. Having Samuel makes everything about a million times sweeter than in years past which I didn't think was possible. Because I am a big kid at heart and still love getting Easter goodies, Preston was the best and brought me three bouquets (tulips and ranunculus - he knows the way to my heart!), dark chocolate and beaujolais. Heaven!! I am so thankful to get to do life with not only Preston and Samuel, but my parents and sisters, brother in law and niece and nephew who live in Austin. We are so thankful for all of them!! 

(Also, I completely forgot to snap a picture of us on actual Easter in our cute clothes - so us on Saturday before our Easter neighborhood egg hunt will have to do. ;) I am trying to leave my phone at home more, not constantly have it out, etc but still want to make sure to get plenty of pictures to remember this fun time in our life!)