Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ocean shores, wa

In 15 days we will be heading back to Washington to spend a few days with my wonderful family. (I am not counting down or anything...)

While we are there, we are going to take a mini vacation to the coast and visit Ocean Shores. It is a tiny little beach town that was one of my favorite places to visit growing  up in Washington! In true Morgan fashion, I already have a list of everything I want us to do while there....

Go horse back riding on the shore

Go running along the beautiful beach

Take a long bike ride

Fly a Kite

Watch the sunset

And last but not least, I want to play as many board games as possible with my wonderful family!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am always amazed by how talented people are. My old coworker, Beth, is an amazing photographer. Last month, she offered to photograph us and we jumped at the opportunity! We headed to Red Rock and she captured some great moments, we are so thankful for these sweet photos. Check out Beth's website to see all of her great work!

This is by far one of my favorite pictures

Red Rock is one of our favorite places in Las Vegas

I love the way Beth uses natural light, simply beautiful!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

8 short days

In just over a week, some of our favorite people in the entire world will be coming to visit us in Las Vegas! Excited is an understatement, we are completely overjoyed at the thought of getting to see them! We are going to have such a wonderful time celebrating birthdays, enjoying the sun and loving each others company!

Our fabulous visitors include...

My ridiculously handsome nephew, Remington Shae

Preston's momma, Lisa, and Dave who are SOOO much fun

My sweet momma, Sherrie

My beautiful big sister, Hannah

The most perfect niece in the world, Arianna

And our wonderful friends from Texas, Brittany, Sheila and Ken

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

our fun-filled weekend

This upcoming weekend is Preston's little brother, Sterling's, Bar Mitzvah. His family will be traveling into town and everyone will be staying at Las Vegas' newest hotel, Aria. It has world renown architecture, dining, shopping and entertainment. We are excited to spend a couple of nights there, we haven't even been inside yet! We are even more excited to see Preston's Nana, who is the sweetest thing in the whole world and to celebrate Sterling!

Here are a few pictures of Aria....

Image from Igor International

Image from Aria Las Vegas

Image from Travel Agent Central

Monday, July 19, 2010

pretty little garden

"Plant a garden, plant happiness." -Chinese Proverb

My new favorite hobby is gardening. Due to the lack of grass and soil in our backyard, I have started with a potted plant garden. So far I have several potted flowers in the front and back yard and am waiting for sprouts from the basil, chive, parsley and pepper seeds I planted this week. Unfortunately I did not inherit my mother's green thumb, so this is a learning process.

Here are some pictures...

Image from Real Simple

Image from Fine Art America

Image from Virginia's Garden

Ok, you caught me. These are clearly not my garden. They are my inspiration though! Someday my pretty little garden will be as beautiful as these, and then I will post real pictures.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

our evolving home

Our house has so much room than we had grown accustomed to in our apartments, so decorating and finding furniture for it is quite a task! We finally have it just about filled and are enjoying it so much. Our favorite things so far are....

Built in BBQ

Our office (Preston gets much more use out of it than I do)


Our huge dining room table (that we found for a steal!)

Our guest room (I love it because it reminds me that my family will be staying with us in two short weeks!)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a hiking adventure

Yesterday, we set out to Mt. Charleston with two of our friends and Sebastian. We were looking forward to enjoying some cool air, beautiful scenery and a refreshing hike.

Well, we got a little bit more than we bargained for! The trail we were looking for, which we had called the day before to make sure it was open, was blocked off by cones and a no parking sign. So, being the law-abiding citizens we are, we parked on the other side of the street where there was no signage and then proceeded to hike the trial. When we returned to the trail head, a national forest ranger was there who was not very happy with us. She gave us our first federal citations for "hiking when the trail was closed." We are such rebels!

Needless to say, we found the whole ordeal a little bit funny. It was still a wonderful day and we took some great pictures to capture our fun.  We definitely got the adventure we were looking for!

Enjoying our great hike

Trouble makers with our citations

Sunday, July 4, 2010

so much to celebrate

Happy 4th of July! What a beautiful day to be thankful for this awesome country we live in! Today we are celebrating Independence Day as well as the chance to meet a new friend. This morning we had Sebastian, a St. Bernard from the local  rescue over to play. Despite all of his drool, we had so much fun with him! We are keeping him for a few days to see if he will be a good fit for us. We will keep you posted on what we decide, but I think we are both already falling in love!

Sebastian and Preston playing together earlier today

Friday, July 2, 2010

delicious dinner

Preston has been wanting pulled pork for dinner for, well, about the last two months. We had two of our favorite couples over last night and I  finally got around to making it (thank goodness he is patient) and it was awesome! I figured I would share it since it was the easiest recipe ever!

1 pork tenderloin (2 lb)

1 can of root beer (12 oz)

Put them in the slow cooker for 6-7 hours (mine took more like 7-8) add bbq sauce and enjoy!

I will keep sharing recipes (as long as they ar edible once I make them) and would love to have some of your favorites as well! I am looking forward to using our new kitchen as much as possible!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

new beginnings

Welcome to our blog! We created this so we can share our lives with family and friends, especially those we can't be close to. We are living in Las Vegas right now and having the time of our lives! In early June Preston started working as a Manager at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza. He is finishing up his last couple weeks of training and having a great time! I am working at Imagine Marketing and getting ready to finish my final two classes at UNLV next semester.

About a week ago we moved into a new house in Southern Highlands and are having a blast decorating and enjoying our home! I am a little behind on picture taking, but I will add them soon!

Biking the Pacific Coast Highway in April, 2010