Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy autumn!

I love the beginning of each season. I always get really excited because it is my "favorite" season. But I think this time I might really mean it, I LOVE autumn. Because Las Vegas doesn't do fall very well here some pictures that remind me what this beautiful time of year should look like...

I want to rake all of these leaves into a pile, jump in it, and then do it again! Via

Seriously, can I pitch a tent in the middle of this road and live here?! Via

Butternut squash. Pumpkin pie. Need I say more? Via

I think its fair to say that the rest of our little household loves fall just as much as I do, however, I think their reasons may be a little different than mine...

Few things make P Simon as happy as football  does. Via

It's finally cool enough for Sebastian to go to the doggy park! Via

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

m cafe

Favorite. Place. Ever. 

Contrary to my natural tendency to embellish, this is not an exaggeration. This precious cafe doesn't really fit into categories. It has big mattresses to sun bathe on during the day, fire pits to warm up next to at night, quaint cabanas to enjoy wine and smores (Yes, smores!) and beautiful chandeliers and vintage furniture everywhere! Not to mention, the entire cafe is outside underneath the beautiful sun/ stars. This, combined with some of the best service ever, provided for a great night. We were in heaven.


One of the only available pictures online, via

Friday, September 17, 2010

beach bliss

I am completely  in love with this sweet little beach town. Preston and I have always talked about how neither of us are huge fans of LA. This trip has changed our minds completely, we are LOVIN' the South Bay!

How could you not be smitten by this town with a view like this?!

Hiking the Palos Verdes Canyon

This view was amazing, I have never seen anything more beautiful!

We feasted at Sammy's after our hike and had these little bad boys for desert, they are to die for!

Last night before we went to Boogaloo and got down with our bad selves

Thursday, September 16, 2010

manhattan beach... SO beautiful! We are here for a short trip and are loving every minute.  We arrived this morning and have already biked around town, enjoyed a great lunch at Hermosa Beach and are working on our afternoon buzz!

We are staying with my high school friend Katie, check out her awesome blog that catalogued her travels through India earlier this year.

Pictures to come!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

simple things

These things made me smile today...


Flowers from the backyard that brighthen up the house!


Every little thing that Sebastian does makes us smile!

Delicious late night snacks (including Preston's AMAZING guac)

....sorry for the awful pictures, I need to start using a real camera instead of the good old blackberry.

Monday, September 13, 2010

vote for our sebastian boy!

I have taken my cheesiness to a whole new level and entered Sebastian in a cute pet contest! Vote for him by clicking here, going to page 10, finding the picture below and giving him super cute ratings! Sebastian promises everyone who votes for him a big sloppy kiss :)

Photo by Beth Karuschak Photography

Saturday, September 11, 2010

photos by beth

When our families were in town for my birthday, my friend Beth offered to take some photos for us. We got the full disc today and LOVE them! Here are a few...

I think Remy's bobbing head in the background is hilarious!

My favorite girl in the world!

My wonderful family

Preston showing Remy his baseball skills

I wish they lived close so we could take pictures like this all the time!

All of us together!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

beyond wonderful!

I always knew Preston was wonderful, but I didn't realize just how wonderful he was until last week. I came down with a kidney infection that kicked my butt! The whole week that I was sick Preston took the best care of me, he brought me water and medicine and slept overnight in an uncomfortable chair at the hospital. He made me smile the whole time and didn't complain once! I am feeling completely better now and am so thankful for him!!