Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy autumn!

I love the beginning of each season. I always get really excited because it is my "favorite" season. But I think this time I might really mean it, I LOVE autumn. Because Las Vegas doesn't do fall very well here some pictures that remind me what this beautiful time of year should look like...

I want to rake all of these leaves into a pile, jump in it, and then do it again! Via

Seriously, can I pitch a tent in the middle of this road and live here?! Via

Butternut squash. Pumpkin pie. Need I say more? Via

I think its fair to say that the rest of our little household loves fall just as much as I do, however, I think their reasons may be a little different than mine...

Few things make P Simon as happy as football  does. Via

It's finally cool enough for Sebastian to go to the doggy park! Via


  1. Blogs should be posted on a more regular basis...please and thank you

  2. [...] weather here in San Diego… but I can’t help but get excited about the nearing season. Autumn, here I come! And in Seattle nonetheless! So in the spirit of celebrating fall in the Pacific [...]

  3. [...] sister and I took the little ones to Maris Brothers Farm for some fall activities. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? It was a fabulous day – I am so thankful to be able to do fun things with my sweet family [...]