Monday, February 28, 2011

san diego

Our new, beautiful, fun and (most of the time) sunny life. Top 10 things we love so far...

10. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Everywhere we go is dog-friendly. Seriously, certain beaches, our favorite breakfast restaurant, coffee shops and even the Apple store. Sebastian is in dog heaven.

9. Roppongi. Our favorite seafood restaurant in La Jolla. Last night, we feasted on dynamite crab, a Roppongi roll, herb-crusted mahi mahi with mango chutney, sirloin with gorgonzola mashed potatoes croquettes and a delicious bottle of Shiraz. But the best part? Sticky english toffee pudding. With caramel gelato. I am normally a nice person, but this dessert brings out the worst in me. I eat defensively, trying to elbow Preston out of the way so I can get as many bites as possible. Pathetic...but so worth it.

8. Visitors! We love that all of our Vegas, Seattle and Texas friends and family always want to visit us. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the warm sun, beautiful beaches and great towns...

7. Our apartment. I thought I would miss living in a big, spacious house. But I realized after moving here I 100%  love, love, love small cozy places. Our home is perfect for us and it is going to be so hard whenever we have to leave it. (As soon as a finish my spring cleaning I will post pictures.)

6. Walking....everywhere! I love being able to walk almost everywhere we need to go. The beach, Starbucks, grocery store, restaurants, shopping, everything. I'm sure we will like it even more when we get beach cruisers and can bike everywhere!

5. The local library. I don't think Preston likes this quite as much as I do; but being the geek I am, I love living a couple blocks away from the library. I am there at least weekly and can't get enough. Right now I am reading a couple Jane Green novels (don't judge me), next I think I will reread one of my favorites The World is Flat. I'm always looking for suggestions :)

4. Our jobs. Preston is an awesome possum and is loving his new staff and doing a great job with them! I am loving my position in Sales and Marketing and have a terrific team that I work with. It is also only 10 minutes away from our home which makes it even better!

3. Farmers Markets. Being a Seattle girl, grocery shopping in Vegas was a little painful for me. Luckily, Southern California has TONS of farmers markets, local bakeries and terrific local grocers. These markets also have incredible flowers, so our home always looks and smells great!

2. Building new traditions. So simple and goofy but I love getting to experience new things and making new routines. Every Saturday morning we take a walk (weather permitting) to a little cafe and enjoy a long breakfast. Whenever we have visitors in town, we do brunch at Americana in Del Mar. Last week, we discovered a cute little pizzeria in Solana Beach that will surely be a date night favorite.

1. Seeing this every day...

View of the sun setting over the ocean from our deck

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