Monday, March 28, 2011

case of the mondays

This morning was completely one of those I-want-to-lay-in-bed-all-day-long kind of days. A serious case of the Mondays. I am going to attribute it to the fact that we had an absolutely fabulous weekend and I didn't want it to end! It started last Thursday night when we drove to Vegas for a quick daycation. We love, love, LOVED getting to see our special people - our friends, Preston's family, my brother's family and even my dad who was in town for a few days! It was fabulous - if only we could steal all of them and bring them back to San Diego.

We came back late Friday night so Preston could make his early morning meeting with his new work team. We spring cleaned all day and then did a little car shopping (I'm in the market!) followed by an evening at Preston's new restaurant which was seriously delicious. The next morning we enjoyed brunch at our new favorite brunch spot - yum!

Holy deliciousness

This restaurant is also located right next to tons of great shopping, which we obviously had to check out after.

Preston looks great in his new outfit!

And just for fun here are a few pictures from last weekend at Disneyland...

Yes that's us in the matching sweatshirts...

His favorite - Disney turkey legs

I'm going to blame my crazy face & hair on the crazy rain!

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