Friday, March 4, 2011

cheers to you

Today marks the 32nd birthday of my big sister, best friend, role model, Hannah.

She’s the big sister who let me open all of her birthday presents growing up. Who let me blow out all of her candles. She’s the big sister who never got mad when I ruined every. single. surprise. birthday. party. ever.

Cheers to being loving, generous, thoughtful, funny and radiant. Because that’s what you are. I love you Hannah, 32 never looked better!

Hannah and me, was it 1990?!

I think this is the perfect picture to sum up exactly who you are

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  1. Miss Morgan, I love you more and more everyday! You light up my life today just as you did that precious day you were born. It is a pleasure to be a part of your life and I hope that this joyful ride that I call my life does set a good example for you! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I adore you! Love your big sis!