Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 things you didn't know...

...about the members of our little family. We'll start with Preston J.

*He talks in his sleep. Not a one word ‘hi’ or a mumble here and there. Sunday night, I witnessed full on bed time conversations, which if I’m not mistaken, were him instructing somebody how to turn it (the pizza maybe?) before you put it through the oven.  A little bit later, he made a strange grunting sound and woke himself up… then tried to blame it on Sebastian! While he can do a lot of things, our dog certainly doesn’t talk in his sleep…

*He gets over-the-top-excited just like I do. He came home from work last week to find me designing our Easter cards. Rather than shake his head at how cheesy cute I am, he looked at the design, looked at me, looked back at the design and said “That’s genius!! Some bunny loves me! Ha ha ha! Some bunny!!”

*You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not. (That was a quote from this movie, if you didn’t catch that.) While Steve Carell may not be a dreamer, we, like this guy, absolutely are. Most people get tired just listening to me. Understandable – I think I someday may make in the Guiness Book for world’s fastest talker. Not only does P not get tired, he keeps up with my 938 ideas a minute thinking and has just as many goals, thoughts, ideas and aspirations. I love how motivated you are Preston!

*He could live off of pulled BBQ chicken. I’m nervous that he and I will actually turn into BBQ chickens if we don’t cut down our consumption. Seriously, we  eat it multiple times a week and have some seriously yummy combos. Pulled BBQ chicken nachos on quinoa chips with corn and pineapple salsa – delish.

*P is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. I come from an incredibly hard-working family. So while I often appreciate others drive, I am rarely over the top impressed by it. With Preston, I can’t help but be amazed! Every morning he wakes up at 7-7:30 and goes to the gym. He works out for an hour and a half then goes straight to work. Even though his ‘scheduled’ shifts look something like 10-7, he is there until 8:30-9 every night. (That’s an eleven hour day.) When he comes home, he still has energy to talk and play and laugh and have wonderful nights with me! He will never turn down a late night walk, an evening game, cookie baking or anything I throw at him.

I bet you also didn't know he did such great goofy faces!

Now, onto some fun facts about Sebastian...

*Cheese, cheese, cheese. He loves him some cheese. As in, he will bend over backwards for it. He also loves turkey, jelly beans, pulled BBQ chicken (must run in the family) and his doggy vitamins. I come to think of it, there are not many things he doesn’t like…

*Sebastian is a ladies man. We can’t walk anywhere lately without girls obsessing over him and his swag.

*He is scared of dogs under 10 pounds. He thinks they look like rats and finds it very annoying when they nip at his tail.

*He is currently auditioning for a role on the new hit series ‘Breaking In.’ Okay, that’s a lie. But he could be, considering he knows how to open the front door, porch gate and the chain link side yard face.

*He could get away with murder… and knows it. I’ve always wondered about those people who are so overly obsessed with their dogs. Welp, P and I are those nuts. We call Sebastian our son and I, gulp, have baked him personalized doggy cookies.

It's no wonder the girls swoon over him - what a stud!

And then there was me.

*Maybe it’s because I have grown up constantly surrounded by little ones or maybe it’s because I have never (not even one time) heard my momma say a bad word. Whatever the reason, I rarely cuss and instead use my personal ‘angry/ excited sayings’... which are a little out there. I don’t even realize what I am saying until I hear Preston (or others) laughing at me… Oh my monkey breath! Holy sack of potatoes! That was as crazy as a hippo’s behind!

*I am part of a nonprofit talk news radio program. You can find it here. I was a little apprehensive about my high voice and speedy talking speed, but ya know what?  I dig doing this show.

*I obsessively read. I’m not limited to any medium – if it’s words, I love it. This includes books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, white papers, graffiti, anything you can imagine. I just finished this book (amazing) and am now working on this one. Last night, I read cover to cover my Real Simple and Cosmopolitan magazines. Right now my favs are this blog, this one , this one and oh yeah, this one. My other love is photos. If you are a photographer, chances are, I stalk you and am in love with every little piece of goodness you snap a picture of (yes, I know how creepy I sound). If anybody else wants some pretty to look at, I recommend here, here and of course, here. (Spoiler alert, more on this little obsession to come.)

*Remember when I mentioned here my love of nicknames and my one little experience with them? When I was two, I renamed myself Boona. My family and I have no idea where that came from; to this day I have never met nor heard of anyone or thing named Boona. Regardless, that was my name and the only thing I answered to. In fact, if I am not mistaken, that name was scribed on my 3rd birthday cake….

*I crave zucchini at least once weekly. As in, all day all I can think about it getting home and making me some zucchini. I fully blame this addiction onPreston’s momma, Lisa, who introduced me to her magically easy (and crazy delicious) zucchini recipe last year.

For those wondering, I'm back to going by Morgan

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