Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a milkshake, hug and alligator tears

We had already enjoyed our ridiculously filling Sunday brunch. But, nonetheless, we decided we would go out for a quick dinner that evening. We decided on Smashburger, justifying it as research for the future restaurant we plan on opening with my wonderful stepdad, Gary. We split this and enjoyed every sip.

As we were eating I noticed a homeless woman eating a few booths away from us. My heart was already hurting; the 3 month anniversary of my father passing away was the next day. I saw this woman and wanted to give her a hug, give her a bed to stay, do something. But I did nothing.

And then we left. My stomach felt sick. I remembered there was an ATM machine near my and got out money to give her. When found her, I put it in her bag and she smiled for a second but didn’t say anything. I smiled back and turned to walk away. As I turned, she said, “I would give you a hug but I wouldn’t want anyone to have to get near this basketcase.” She was trying to make light of her situation, but it broke my heart. I turned and gave her a hug, one of the big, tight ones my mom is so great at giving. I think I needed it more than she did.

I went back to Preston in the car. And then I cried big alligator tears. He held my hand. And that was our Sunday.

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