Tuesday, April 12, 2011

carlsbad fun

We are so loving our little beach town. Carlsbad is quieter than the more metropolitan areas of San Diego and we are enjoying everything it has to offer, like….

Preston surprised me with a rockclimbing date yesterday evening!

We went to Vital and had a blast – we have the blistered hands to prove it! I’m not going to lie, rock climbing is harder than I remember. This place is totally funky fresh (do people say that?) and I can’t wait to go back and try it again. If you live in SD, go try it - your first time is free!

When we came home from our fun evening, we were not surpised to find our front door open.

Turns out this monkey learned how to open the sliding door all by himself.

We can't even pretend like we're mad at him. In fact, we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have a genius dog. Surely he is related to Beethoven.

We enjoyed the rest of our Monday evening cuddling with Mr. Sebastian and baking these bad boys...


 So far all of our Easter decor seems to revolve around food!

I go to work a little late on Tuesdays, so this morning P and I took a walk along the ocean and ate some yummy breakfast here.


Even the gloomy days are beautiful!

I am so glad we chose to share - our sandwich was huge!

It is so nice to be able to relax together - our schedules have been so in sync lately. We are able to try new things, plan adventures and dream up our future life together. It is safe to say I am loving every second!


  1. What a joy it is to share in your lives! I love catching up on the photos of your life... especially after you have explained them all in detail on the phone! I adore you both! We are so excited to see you in a month!

  2. I can't wait until we get to experience our lives next to each other again!!!