Thursday, April 28, 2011

growing a (goofy) relationship

I think life is better with a little goofy. And fortunately for me, my life seems to offer a lot of goofy. Particularly the part of my life called Preston. Like yesterday, when he looked at me very seriously and said, "As our relationship has grown," to which I was anticipating some sort of mushy-gushy love confession, "so has your hair."  And then he doubled over laughing at his cleverness. Or this weekend, when Preston outdid me in the clumsy arena (a first) by spilling scrabble tiles all over the floor, spilling brunch mimosa on himself, running into things repeatedly and accidentally slamming me into the sliding glass door when picking me up. But, because every post is better with pictures, here is some more goofy to get you through the week...

This post is not to imply that Preston is the only goofy one...

....but rather to exploit his goofiness as often people only witness me falling down, tripping and saying embarrassing things.

It seems as if these sort of goofy attributes run in my family... in point. It would appear I also select friends with similar qualities

Do you, too, partake in baking taw kwon do?

Happy Thursday! Both Preston and I are counting down the minutes until the end of the day - we are VERY excited about our long weekend. Newport is calling our name!


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