Tuesday, April 19, 2011

honeymoon dreaming

I seem to be in some sort of blissul day-dreaming daze this morning. I am enjoying every second. Preston and I love talking, dreaming and planning our honeymoon. We even have a honeymoon Ipad App or six two. Can you blame us for wanting to escape to this goodness?

South of France - our #1 contenter, images via

South of France SUNFLOWER FIELDS! (I have a thing for sunflowers)

I would love to wake up to this view - beautiful!

French market with flowers, wine & cheese - all I need!

Barbados - our other favorite option, via

As of now, South of France and Barbados are our favorite options. To be honest, I think we could go anywhere together and be happy - but these pretty places have us smitten. We've done step number one and opened a joint savings account for all of our spare pennies and now, because we have a long engagement, we can sit and dream a little longer before full force planning begins.

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