Monday, April 25, 2011


Last month I mentioned our kitchen makeover - or rather our work-in-progress-kitchen-makeover that was very much needing some extra oomph to be complete. Here's a reminder of it's current state.

While this picture doesn't capture the entire above the cupboard wall space, there is TONS, trust me. I have played with the idea of putting books, vases with flowers (big fail, it came crashing down on the tile days later) and other odds and ends up there, yet nothing has pleased me enough to stay. I refuse to give into what somehow became the decorative norm and but green fake viney things up there. I stumbled upon these images today which got my mind rolling...

Both images from this lovely blog

How precious would two plate racks look placed horizontally on top of the cupboard? (Note: they would be on the slanted, much larger wall not picture in the above photo.) I have a few plates that would look great displayed and I've no doubt I could thrift many more. Ooooh ideas. Now I simply need plate racks!

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