Thursday, April 7, 2011

lessons in life

If you know me, you know I love family. You also know that my favorite people in the world are six nuggets under five feet. My nephews and niece – Braeden, Noah, Riley, Remington, Joshua and Ari are about as great as it gets. As I was thinking about them today, I realized that besides being sweet, stunning and hilarious, they are also darn smart. Why? They teach me the most valuable life lessons…

Laugh. I was talking to my sister, Hannah, on the phone yesterday and she was telling me how Ari loves to read. She said that yesterday, Ari brought her a book. Every sentence Hannah read Arianna would double over laughing. Nothing about what she was saying was funny but Ari didn’t need funny, she just wanted to laugh. If only the whole world had as much heart as that girl!

She's so funny, she makes my smile enlarge and my eyes jump out of my head!

Don’t pretend you’re happy if you’re not. Despite being very opinionated, I have this weird habit of sometimes pretending to be happy and fine with situations when I am anything but. The only good that comes out of this is bottled up frustration. What I should do is take a cue from my too-cute-for-words nephew Josh and be upfront and honest about my emotions. When he is upset, you know it. He crosses his arms, sticks his lip out and marches off. Now if only I can learn to be that ridiculously cute while pouting…

I always miss his upset moments - so here is a sweet smiley one :)

If you want to do it, just do it. Remy Shae is the king of this saying. But he totally follows through! If he wants to do something he doesn’t wait or find out what anybody else thinks – he just does it. This type of confidence is so refreshing, I long to be as proactive (and funny!) as him.

If you want to stick out your tongue & look like a crazy person - just do it!

Be considerate. You know that feeling when somebody remembers your favorite flower or candy or even your name? That is my nephew Noah. I am pretty sure he knows the name and birthday down to the year of every person he has ever met. He’s sharp as a tac, so I’m sure it’s not very difficult for him. Nevertheless, to me, it is the sweetest gesture and something I strive to do.

On a side note, Noah also knows the name of every single type of dinasour!

Smile like it’s nobody’s business. No matter what he is doing, where he is at or how he feels, when I make eye contact with my nephew Riley from across the room he always gets this sweeter-than-strawberries smile. It melts my heart! It also encourages me to do the same, no matter who is looking at me, no matter where I am or how I am feeling.

I wish I could look that good while covered in dirt!

Be real. My family has all sorts of names and goofy sayings. I remember one night at dinner when my mom (who we call Mimi) called me Momo and my nephew Braeden yelled from the other room, “Why do we always have to use nicknames? Why can’t we just stick to the real name and be good with it?!” While I don’t think I will ever stop loving nicknames, (come on, this is the girl who once convinced her 2-year old self she was named Boona) I completely appreciate B’s desire to be happy with what we have and keep things real!

Covered in dirt seems to be a trend among my nephews, can you tell?

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