Wednesday, May 18, 2011

air guitar & picking a wife

It has set in that my sweet sister and family are back home and I will not have any more play time with them for at least a couple of months. Talk about a bummer! I am so glad P and I got to spend so much time with them on their vacation. We loved every  minute. For the sake of embarrassing Remy when he is in high school, I have to share a couple of his seriously hilarious moments with you all!

*On Sunday morning before we head to the zoo, Preston and I were getting ready in the bathroom. Remy was already fully dressed and ready to go and came in to see us. Naturally, being the four-year old boy that he is, he decided to hop into the shower. He promised not to run the water so I told him to go ahead and hang out in there. He then took off his shirt... then pants... then undies! And of course, a several minute air guitar session ensued. However, his version of air guitar happened to involve his male unmentionables and was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

*We were in Disneyland just about to get on the Train ride and out of the blue, Remy looked at Preston, Hannah and I and said, "My peepee (read: male parts) is like a hair. I mean it's soft as a hair. Ya know?" We had to turn away so he didn't see us DIE laughing (which would have ensured that this statement was then repeated to everybody who came within a 10 foot range for the next 10 days.)

*Remy's hilariousness is not limited to his privates. Luckily he is ridiculously funny when it comes to just about everything. After they left today, Remy asked my sister, "Mom, who is going to be my wife?" She told him, "When you always want to share everything with someone and you can't wait to see them everyday, that's who you marry." He then asked, "So can I pick Auntie Momo?" How cute is he! I am missing you so much Remy Shae!

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  1. We had the best time with you both! Thank you for sharing our vacation with us! It was fantastic! And yes, Remy has me dying laughing EVERY day!