Friday, May 13, 2011

friday flashback

My Grandma Lucy was the sweetest and spunkiest woman I ever met. She loved with her whole heart and was SO incredibly funny. She was this tiny, beautiful woman who was always up to date on fashion and celebrities. She would mock my dad and joke with him nonstop - but was always quick to let us know how great she thought he was as soon as he was out of earshot. She seemed to always know what you needed to hear - case in point, she called me her 'pretty girl' for years, particularly when I was going through some serious awkward stages! Besides being stunning, she was also incredibly talented, and always eager to teach others what she knew. She spoke fluent Chinese and English, was very smart and was an amazing artist. I am so blessed to  have known such an incredible woman...

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  1. I agree! Grandma Lucy was the best! She loved you soooooo much! We were all very fortunate to have been a part of her life!