Thursday, May 12, 2011

ideas, ideas

I've loved the idea ever since I saw The Holiday (which happens to be the one seasonal movie I could watch anytime of year). The thought grew in my head even more so after reading that she is doing it. How fun would it be to do a house swap for a vacation? I know there are many who might not like the idea - my Preston included, who prefers to stay in hotels rather than with friends and family. But to a girl who loves nothing more than to entertain at home, have sleepovers whenever possible and would prefer to sleep with my mom or sisters rather than alone when visiting home - a house swap sounds incredible! It seems so much cozier than a hotel, you'd have neighbors (even during your holiday!) and wouldn't at all be concerned about the 6,500 people who've laid on the comforter before you (wait? you don't worry about that too?!) AND you'd save money! I think it is a fabulous idea and would so love to do this - whether with our friends in Las Vegas or family in Seattle and beyond! So, for the next many years it takes me to convince P that this is a fun idea, I will be day dreaming about home swapping and spending a holiday in these spaces...

I would read this book right here

Or maybe take a dip in this pool

Then I'd probably bake some cupcakes here

And then enjoy an evening cocktail here

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  1. I super love this idea and we can do it together but not with our own houses because then we would be in different places... and we need to always be together! I just tried to skype you so I could tell you how much I love this but you didnt answer!