Sunday, May 8, 2011


My momma is the sweetest. The best. The most loving woman that I have ever met. I know many feel this way, especially today, but once you meet my momma, once you love her – you’ll know what I mean. There are millions of reasons I love her to pieces, but I will spare you. Here are my top five:

  1. She makes me feel loved – so loved. And has every day since the minute I was born. I have heard about middle child syndrome before (I have 3 older siblings, 2 younger) but never did I experience any of them. I can whole heartedly attribute it to my momma. She has always made me feel so loved, so special, so warm and fuzzy and happy – even when she is 1,000 miles away. She is the momma to my brothers and sisters, but also to so many of our friends, coworkers, her patients – she has a huge heart and is not afraid to share it with anybody who needs a little loving.

  2. I admire her strength. My mother has been through so many things, she helps woman battle breast cancer everyday, she is the sounding board for all of her babes (for everything) and not once have I heard her complain. She is so strong, been never in an intimidating way. Strong in a kind, sweet way that let’s you know she will be there for you in anything you could ever go through.

  3. She is honest. She will tell you every mistake, every lesson learned, every thing that you could ever want to know about her. My momma would rather teach others and share advice rather them than be prideful – I long for her humility.

  4. My momma knows me better than I know myself. This one is best explained with a story. A couple Christmases ago, Preston joined me in Seattle to celebrate the holidays with my sweet family. It was the first time he met most of my family – including my momma. A few days into our trip, her, Preston and I made a quick trip to the market. The checker was one of my mom’s patients, and as she introduced me, the woman quickly asked, “And is this your son in law?” Having only met him a few days earlier, my mom smiled and said, “Soon enough!” Clearly she’s a genius! ;)  

  5. She is silly! I love how fun and goofy my momma is. She always rises to the occasion – like when she acted out ‘Three Men and a Baby’ during a game of charades at the hospital when my sister was in labor with my sweet niece. She is always smiling and makes everyone feel at ease – easily one my favorite things about her.

  6. I know I said five but just one more – my momma is so accepting of everyone. She doesn’t judge and she doesn’t talk negatively about people. She is the epitome of ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!’

I could go on and on about how fab you are momma – I am so blessed to have you in my life and hope to one day be half the women and momma you are!

I couldn’t talk about amazing mommas with out mentioning my sweet sister, who is the best momma to two of the best littles I could ever imagine! She has raised them to be spunky, hilarious, loving and SO fun – and they are only 4 & 17 months!

 We also want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to P’s sweetheart of a momma – we love her for about 92,397 reasons and I am so thankful to be gaining such an amazing mother in law and friend! She is fabulous, funny and clearly knows what she is doing as a momma – thank you for raising such an incredible son!

Happy Mother’s Day toPreston’s wonderful step momma Dawn, who is so loving and kind (and likes to craft - an added plus)! You are fabulous and deserve an incredible day! (And we need pictures with you- I can't seem to find any!)

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! I love you to pieces! See you soon!