Tuesday, May 3, 2011

our weekend in pictures

Our weekend started on Friday in Newport...

Where we enjoyed the sun & beach shops during the day

And a yacht and our friends during the evening!

I don't think we could have had anymore fun

As evidenced by many, many unfortunate FB photos of myself...

...luckily there were a couple cute ones mixed in there too!

On Saturday we headed to brunch in Laguna (look at that view!)

Then on to Sea World to meet Noam & Carly

And then to Stone Brewery for a tour

P & Noam listened to the tour, but were really just waiting for


Tasting time! Notice our different techniques.

On Sunday P, Sebastian and I headed into town

For the Carlsbad Village Fair- it was HUGE and so fun!

We had the world's BEST snowcone

And a chocolate-covered Belgian waffle stick! Oh my yum!

We ended our evening cooking a delicious dinner and enjoying the perfect weather with our great friend Jes! It was so wonderful to see her!



  1. I love all of the pictures!!! I can't wait to be in them soon!

  2. I cannot wait for that! Would it be strange if I started an hourly countdown?!