Monday, May 23, 2011

p+m favorites

When I first created this blog, I did so because I like the idea of tracking what we're doing and what we love each moment - and one day being able to reflect on all of these things. We were talking this week about how old we will sound one day when we tell our kids, 'We were born in the 80s!' Then Preston said, what if in 15 years Scott McCreery is the new Garth and we could say that we saw him when he was on American Idol?! So, in the spirit of giving our (way in the) future children something to look back at and laugh, here are some things that we are loving right now...


1. American Idol - We're addicted. I sometimes get a knot in my stomach before the results show.

2. Banana Oatmeal Cookies - Way to yummy to be kind of healthy. I won't even say how fast we go through these.

3. Washington Wine - Yes, please.

4. Edamame - I am feasting on these little guys as I type this - they are a little piece of (good-for-you) heaven

5. P's New Clubs - Preston's getting new golf clubs and is very excited about it.

6. My Grey Toms - They make my feet very, very happy.

7. Mad Gab - If there were such things as professional Mad Gabbers, that is what Preston and I would be.

8. My light denim jacket - My favorite thing to wear when paired with a bright sun dress. I know it seems very Saved By The Bell-ish, but I promise I look at least kind of cool in it. 

9. Disneyland - And each other. And being goofy.

10. Starbuck's Recycled Glass Mug - My sister brought me a pair of these last weekend and they are my most favorite cup in the world! They are perfect for a glass of wine, a bit of milk or as a flower vase or M&M holder.

The quote is there because we love our life - and try to appreciate it everyday by drinking wine out of cute glass mugs while watching American Idol wearing a denim jacket. That, my friends, is happiness.


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  1. I love this! What I love the most is that you are both confident in the things that you like and the people that you are. You are willing to be goofy and laugh about your embarrassing moments. You are growing stronger as individuals and as a couple every day, I am proud of you both!