Thursday, May 5, 2011

tal dia feliz

Feliz Cinco de Mayo mis amigos! I feel like this is always such a happy day... I mean its kind of hard not to be happy when tequila and tacos are involved. Because at  one,  I have already had my fair share of Mexican food, and will be consuming no margs for at least I few more hours, I am left day dreaming about weddings that happen to fall on the 5th of May. How fun are these?

wedding flags

mexican dessert table

amor cups with flowers

margarita cupcakes

succulents and beans in glass jars

bride with succulent bouquet

spanish wedding favors

Cinco de Mayo Shoot


First nine here + second three here

I never thought I liked theme weddings - but these beauties seem to be proving me wrong! I love the simplicity of them, they seem to incorporate the theme in all the right places. Have a happy margarita and guacamole filled day my friends!

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