Friday, June 24, 2011


Do you ever get so caught up in life that you forget to appreciate it? I do. I forget how incredibly blessed I am to be living this wonderful life. I want to cherish every little moment - I want to embrace each person I meet, each meal I eat, every bike ride I take, each and every family member I am blessed with. So here I am, taking a few minutes to be thankful for so many things...

1. A God that loves me beyond any shadow of a doubt no matter how selfish or silly I may act.

2. A best friend who I will soon get to call my husband!

3. A home I adore, where I feel safe, comfortable and loved at all times.

4. Another best friend who I am blessed to call my sister.

5. A puppy boy who gives me big slobbery kisses even when I have crazy hair, smelly feet and am grumpy!

6. The flexibility + ability to do whatever I want in life.

7.  SO MANY THINGS to look forward to - visits from lots of family, upcoming Seattle vacation, wedding dress shopping, sister time, the fair, summer picnics

8. The ocean - and the fact that I am greeted by its beauty every morning.

9. Books. My Eyes. The Library. This wonderful little trio that gives me endless hours of entertainment, tears, laughs and satisfaction! On my summer reading list is The History of Love, Same Kind of Different as Me, The Help and Bossypants.

10.  Modern Technology. And its durability. I'm very thankful that my computers, phone and I-pad are all able to withstand daily water spills, regularly occuring (unplanned) trips to the floor and every other imaginable accident that comes with belonging to a clumsy person.

11. Alright, I was going to keep this list to 10 things, but there is one more thing I simply can't go without mentioning: Food Trucks. Now, I didn't mention it on this post yesterday because, well, I was a little jealous that I wasn't the one to think of this idea. At the wedding we went to this weekend, at around 11:00 p.m., just as everybody was starting to feel their 3rd cocktail set in and their dancing feet start to get a little sleepy - a food truck with HEAVEN-SENT sliders and tots showed up. In my life, I have never seen a group of wedding attendees get so excited. Then, yesterday I stumbled upon this Mashable article discussing 16 of the Top Food Trucks. People, there are such things as Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Creme Brulee food trucks! So today, on my blessings post, I am feeling especially thankful for the amazing person who had the idea of creating a mobile restaurant, as well as to myself for choosing to divulge my inner fat kid with all sorts of deliciousness on a regular basis. 

And I can't end this post without expressing how thankful I am that it is Friday and I have the Del Mar Fair, friends in town, paddle boarding and a neighboord event involving a beer garden in my near future. Happy Weekend!

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