Thursday, June 23, 2011

c/o 2011

While in Las Vegas, we also got to see Hannah graduate from Coronado High School! We had a fun celebration lunch at Terra Verde (the harvest salad + creme brulee were to die for) and she had the most fabulous Hello Kitty graduation cake! She is attending UNR next year and we are so excited for her!

As part of her present, P and I put together a list of 50 tips for surviving college that we had learned through the years. Here are a few of them...

"If you bring a car to school, said car doesn't stop needing any and all mechanical maintence just because mom and dad aren't there. Learn how often you need an oil change."

"As generous and loving as you are, it is not neccessary to buy everyone at the bar a round of shots after you've had several cocktails and your favorite song comes on. It may take a few surprise $150 charges on your bank account for this one to sink in."

"Theme parties are not nearly as fun or prevelant when you leave college. Take advantage of them - rock that side pony and leotard."

"Employ the buddy system for tailgates, parties, games and any other event that doesn't involve a professor or community service"

Congratulations Hannah - we love you to pieces!

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  1. the tips were seriously soo amazing! I have a feeling I'll be putting every single one to use! thank you so much, love you both!