Monday, June 27, 2011

dear friends and family,

May you please all relocate from Seattle, Las Vegas and Texas to San Diego? And may you please do this quickly? We miss having friends. And I am quite in the mood to throw a dinner party. You see, if I were to throw dinner parties in San Diego, it would be for only for Preston and I... and then we would inevitably eat too much food and drink too much wine... and let's be honest - my behind does not need excess of either! So, in an attempt to not-so-subtly encourage you to move closer to P, Sebastian and I - here are some images of the kind of get-togethers that have been on my mind lately...

A carnival party - how darling is the cupcake wheel?!

A breakfast birthday party! So sweet - I think we are going to have to do this next month when my sweet momma in law, Lisa comes to visit to celebrate her birthday (which was this past Saturday!)

A tea party - we used to have these at my Auntie Lori's house for all the girls in the family. She would get us a new special tea cup for our birthday's each year - I think this tradition should be restarted!

A desert party... need I say more?

An outdoor summer dinner party - how perfect are the cantaloupes?!

Speaking of fun events, when I head to Seattle in August, my momma, sister and I will be hosting a girls night on Saturday, August 6th at Hannah's cute place in NE Tacoma! If you are a lady and will be in the area - join us for crafts, wine, relaxing and great company!

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