Thursday, July 14, 2011

sad goodbye

My parents left and I miss them already. Fortunately, I get to see them in 3 short weeks! You would think that in the five years and many goodbyes since I have moved from Seattle, they would get easier. The only think I've gotten better at is not crying in the moment but rather saving my tears for the second they leave (lucky Preston ;)). We had so much fun with them. They spoiled us with infused olive oils, Napa wine, a Costco run and so much more. Preston spoiled us with brewery tours and a comp dinner. And I, uh, brought along my great smile?

I've never been a beer person, not even a little bit. But moving to San Diego and having SO many delicious craft beers everywhere, I have completely changed! Next on our list is Temecula wineries, which we will hopefully get to this month. :)

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