Monday, August 29, 2011

fall dreaming

It is beautiful and sunny and amazing weather here in San Diego... but I can't help but get excited about the nearing season. Autumn, here I come! And in Seattle nonetheless! So in the spirit of celebrating fall in the Pacific Northwest, here are some images of what I have been day dreaming about lately...

I can't wait to put all my favorite fall trends to work in our new home!

Friday, August 26, 2011

our journey

This afternoon, Preston and I both accepted our offers from the companies we will be working with in Seattle! We are overjoyed to see what the future holds for us!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

movin' on up!

Moving is on our mind over here in the p+m household! I pulled out the cardboard boxes yesterday, have listed all of our only-suited-for-our-Carlsbad-apartment furniture on Craigslist, cleaned out the nightstands (ok, that's a lie, I have only made a plan to clean out the nightstands) and couldn't be more excited about this adventure! Preston wrote a letter to me for my birthday and in it said something to the effect of, "I love that we don't let anything intimidate us. Things that take people 5 years to do, we do in a matter of months. We make goals and don't let anything stop us." I love that too and couldn't imagine embarking on this trip with anyone but my Preston J (and Sebastian).

As much as I love conquering our goals and knowing that we are headed to my favorite place, packing is not fun. It's just not. And I am not very good for it. The day before I left to move three states away for college, I hadn't packed a thing. Were it not for my sweet best friend Lauren (and her mad packing skills) I would have probably arrived at UNLV with only a few bathing suits and craft supplies.... ya know, the essentials.

Thankfully, this whole process is much, much easier because my sweet family has been apartment scouting for us. And knowing we only have a one bedroom place to pack is far less intimidating than a large house.  But of course, there are still some very pressing issues running through my mind right now...

+If we tow Preston's car (I already sold mine, yay!) could Sebastian, Preston and I all fit in the front of our moving truck? (Serious question)

+After office supplies, what should I pack first? Clothes? Towels? Kitchen supplies?

+Obviously we won't take any perishable food, but is it bad for things like spices and flour to sit in a car or moving truck for a several day drive?

+Is it worth it to spend $10/ piece on the plastic moving containers you can find at Target? I have a strange fear of bugs getting into cardboard boxes... or unpacking and everything smelling like old lady clothes...

+Our apartment now has SO much storage. We are spoiled with it. When we move, this will likely not be the case. What do I get rid of?! My body lotions? Extra towels? Clothes? Picture frames?

Well, I think that about sums it up. Advice? Think I am nuts for considering riding with a St. Bernard on my lap for 4 days? Any and all moving tips are helpful!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy birthday momma

I am one day shy of two weeks late, but surely a late post is better than no post at all! I know my sweet momma is not surprised by this belated birthday blog, because I have yet to send her the rest of birthday present! Thank you for loving me despite my terrible untimeliness – I’m working on it. :)

So here it is, a happy birthday to my favorite lady, a thank you for your countless sacrifices, a tribute to the best role model I will ever have.  I forget to tell you how thankful I am for you, because really I should be doing this daily. I have been blessed with a mother who on every single occasion, each and every day, puts the happiness and well-being of others above herself. At work, at home, in the grocery store, on vacations, probably even in your dreams – you are thinking about, and loving, others!

I could go on and on about you, sweet momma, but instead I am going to end with one wish. A wish for myself, at that. I hope that that moving back to you, being right by you and seeing your selfless actions, makes me just like you. Because truly, the world needs more people just like my momma.

I love you to the moon and back.

Momma and daughters, 2007 maybe? 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

more seattle goodness

Surely you didn't think I was only going to do one Seattle post? No chance. As it turns out, these are just the first the of many WA posts, because we are MOVNG TO SEATTLE! That's right, moving. It hurts my little heart so much to be away from my family, friends, my favorite city. So we started thinking, and were so blessed because everything has fallen into place. Sure, there will be (and have been) a few bumps in the road (probably more than a few - it's a 1,200 mile trip!) but they are more than worth it to be surrounded by the people I love day in and day out...

psst - the above picture is actually at our wedding venue! i am hopelessly in love with it.

Wedding dress shopping! it was an amazing experience thanks to the sweetest family, best girl friends and the wonderful owner of Belltown Bride, Melissa. Remy was the BEST right-hand man, letting us know what he thought Uncle Preston would like and making sure Ari got to try on enough flower girl dresses. You're the best Remy Shae... even if you do forget all about me the second Preston comes into town ;)

this little angel is one of our sweet friend, Chrissy's, beautiful twin girls 

clearly Olivia and Halle love being in sweet Mimi's arms - look at those faces!

Friday, August 19, 2011

seattle summer

The week I spent in Seattle was my favorite of summer. It was also the busiest! Here is a taste of our fun, and by fun I mean the ridiculously sweet faces of my niece and nephews...

If that isn't a list of my favorite things, I don't know what is! The last few photos are from the Mariner's game that we all went to, (thanks, dad!) where Remy implemented a fool-proof foul ball plan. As soon as we sat in our seats, he looked at me and said, "Auntie Momo, if a ball comes, then I will hand you my food really fast, I will duck and you will hold the food and cover me up so I don't get hit. Okay?" I agreed, and promised him I would save him from any crazy baseballs headed our direction. Apparently he didn't trust my catching skills, so instead he took a seat on the floor in front of my seat! He couldn't be any more fun. Or crazy. Speaking of, one of the above pictures is another one of my sweet nephews Braeden, on the ROOF of my sister's house! Fearless! Gosh, I love those little monkeys.

Many more Seattle pictures coming your way!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer sweetness

Speaking of summer updates, here is another! The past few weeks have been full of horse races, visiting with friends and family and enjoying the sun... except for today which is completely cloudy. I haven't even begun touching my Seattle vacation pictures, but I will be sure to post those shortly (along with some jump-up-and-down happy news)!

Hope your summer is filled with faces as equally wonderful as that sweet puppy boy!