Thursday, August 25, 2011

movin' on up!

Moving is on our mind over here in the p+m household! I pulled out the cardboard boxes yesterday, have listed all of our only-suited-for-our-Carlsbad-apartment furniture on Craigslist, cleaned out the nightstands (ok, that's a lie, I have only made a plan to clean out the nightstands) and couldn't be more excited about this adventure! Preston wrote a letter to me for my birthday and in it said something to the effect of, "I love that we don't let anything intimidate us. Things that take people 5 years to do, we do in a matter of months. We make goals and don't let anything stop us." I love that too and couldn't imagine embarking on this trip with anyone but my Preston J (and Sebastian).

As much as I love conquering our goals and knowing that we are headed to my favorite place, packing is not fun. It's just not. And I am not very good for it. The day before I left to move three states away for college, I hadn't packed a thing. Were it not for my sweet best friend Lauren (and her mad packing skills) I would have probably arrived at UNLV with only a few bathing suits and craft supplies.... ya know, the essentials.

Thankfully, this whole process is much, much easier because my sweet family has been apartment scouting for us. And knowing we only have a one bedroom place to pack is far less intimidating than a large house.  But of course, there are still some very pressing issues running through my mind right now...

+If we tow Preston's car (I already sold mine, yay!) could Sebastian, Preston and I all fit in the front of our moving truck? (Serious question)

+After office supplies, what should I pack first? Clothes? Towels? Kitchen supplies?

+Obviously we won't take any perishable food, but is it bad for things like spices and flour to sit in a car or moving truck for a several day drive?

+Is it worth it to spend $10/ piece on the plastic moving containers you can find at Target? I have a strange fear of bugs getting into cardboard boxes... or unpacking and everything smelling like old lady clothes...

+Our apartment now has SO much storage. We are spoiled with it. When we move, this will likely not be the case. What do I get rid of?! My body lotions? Extra towels? Clothes? Picture frames?

Well, I think that about sums it up. Advice? Think I am nuts for considering riding with a St. Bernard on my lap for 4 days? Any and all moving tips are helpful!


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