Sunday, October 9, 2011

catching up

I am a slacker, a terrible blog-land slacker. But in my defense, we have moved to a new state, started new careers, attempted to unpack our lives and enjoy our family, friends and fabulous new city. Overall, September was a wonderful month and October is shaping up to be even better! I am in love with Seattle living and am so happy to report that Preston is also :)
We moved into our new condo in West Seattle and we absolutely adore it. It is tiny, by far the tiniest we have ever lived in, but now that everything is organized (thank goodness - neither of us do well living in chaos, and by chaos I mean messes) we love it. I will certainly do a p+m home tour once I have finished decorating (which means I need to actually start that process!)

For now, to get caught up on pictures, here are photos of the drive from San Diego to Seattle which was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun making a little vacation out of the drive. Sebastian couldn't have been happier being in such close quarters with us for a full 3 days....

Once we were all packed in, 

We were ready to hit the road.

We stopped in San Francisco and ate devoured bread bowls,

enjoyed the scenery, 

and attempted to acclimate ourselves to chillier weather!

After several more hours on the road, it was time for another stop at the Red Wood Forest! Hiking with us means its time for Sebastian to put on his fancy protective footware :)

It was SO beautiful, we were right next to the beach and to the forest - I was not in much of a camping mood (I got eaten alive by bugs this summer) but the scenery nearly changed my mind!

After the Red Woods, it was back on the road and one last quick stop in Portland to see Noam and his sweet family and then we were off to Seattle! I will catch up on our whereabouts this week!

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