Monday, October 24, 2011

life snippets

It has been such a wonderful October. It seems like daily I tell Preston, "I want to savor every single little moment. I am SO happy! I love our life! You are so great!" This normally followed by him smiling and then telling me that I am the most overly excited person in the world... which may or may not be true.:) Time has been flying though, and since I've yet to sort (or even upload, for that matter) my pictures from this month... here is some other goodness for you.

+To make you smile - I wish I could freeze Ari how she is right now. She is so spunky. So fun. So full of laughter - the perfect example of what every little girl ought to be.

+These kitchens make my heart pitter-patter. I adore our tiny, little kitchen in our tiny, little condo but Preston and I completely may already have our heart set on the cute West Seattle home we'd like to buy after we're married and I have every room planned.

 +Articles Club? Yes, absolutely! I've already picked the first one and informed my mom and sister that this is yet another one of my 10,000 plans I'm implementing. I'm thankful they are such great sports about my crazy antics and never-ending planning.

+Speaking of planning, how beautiful is this for wedding planning inspiration? If I was getting married anytime near the holidays, I would use that beautiful shade of red in anything and everything. 

picture via, i love autumn

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