Thursday, November 17, 2011

seattle scenes

Autumn in the Northwest is so gorgeous. If I didn't love my job, there is a chance I would drink hot chocolate and stare at the changing colors of the leaves all day every day. I am obsessed. So, here are a few quick phone photos to help spread the fall love...

We have had a busy few weeks here, I spent last week in New York for work, Preston got to attend his first SeaHawks game with friends this past weekend and so much more! I couldn't be any more excited for the upcoming holidays - I may have had a day long e-mail chat with my sister today discussing Thanksgiving dishes and traditions we are excited to bring back and new ones we are going to implement! I will be sure to share those soon!

Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

one little red peacoat

If you need an extra dash of cuteness in your life, here are some pictures of my beautiful niece for you...

Besides taking pictures of  this sweet girl at every chance, this fall has found us having lots of family nights including Family Olympics, Family Iron Chef Night, Girls Nights, Red Robin French Fry Eating Competition Night (Preston and Remy were the only competitors for the record) and of course...

lawn golf! Can you tell I have missed living near family and friends jus a little bit?:) Preston and I have also had some great date nights, like eating a messy but delicious dinner here, discovering our new neighborhood favorite place and evening walks where we celebrate the return of red cups!

Cheers to the holiday season!