Monday, January 9, 2012

a lesson from me on patience and compromise

We went and looked at houses last night, eek! Before we continue, let me explain. We don't want to buy right now. Noooo. We want to research, save and plan for buying a house right now and then in late summer when we will get a little more serious, we'll move forward with the buying process. But in the mean time, what better way to get motivated than to do a little browsing? 

Preston and I have completely different styles, which is fun because it makes the excitement of finding things we both like that much better. It's also great (super hard) because it encourages (forces) me to work on my patience and compromising skills. Those skills do not come naturally to me but man am I trying! The typical cycle works a little like this: me being blunt, assertive and inpatient,  followed by me slowly realizing there were better ways to approach the situation, followed by me apologizing. Ha! Is anybody else in this same boat?

With that said, I absolutely do love house shopping. And it is fun doing our budgeting and planning as we are both pretty goal minded. It's also fun to think about the next five, ten years and where we may be and what we may be doing. So far the best thing I've learned is that we don't need it all right now. 

A few nights ago, I had an awesome talk with my sister, who is reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. We talked about how so often we think that the first time we're buying a house or car or anything really, we think that we 'need' to have the same quality of things we've grown up with. But spacious houses, nice cars, great vacations - those took our parents years to save for! It didn't happen overnight. And it won't for us either. I like that, and I like cherishing the things that we do have right now. Our tiny little condo, time spent together, perhaps the most exciting and fun filled year  ahead of us; I want to cherish it all, embrace each little thing, not get caught in the wants. So while we look and plan, I will let myself get excited for what's ahead, but not caught up in needing it all.

And the title? Some serious sarcasm. I can give no one lessons on patience. All tips for me on patience, compromising and house hunting are welcomed with open arms though. :) 

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