Tuesday, January 10, 2012

many thanks to 2011

2011 was joyful, sad, exciting, hard, wonderful - it was everything.  Here are some of our highlights...

The beginning of January was exciting for us. We were newly engaged starting our first year as college graduates and right in the midst of our move to San Diego. Life was bliss. But then God threw a curve ball, and I found out that my father had unexpectedly passed away. I shared some of my feelings here, but didn't (and still don't) have all the words. I made an impromptu trip to Montana to figure out logistics and bid farewell and then a trip to Seattle for many needed hugs from my family. It was a hard month. We completed our move to San Diego, into a beautiful little one bedroom apartment and celebrated the birthday of the best guy I know. 

We settled into and explored our new home and started a new phase of our life. I did my best to love the new city, as much as my heart ached.  I cherished having Preston near me for lots of hugs and support and doted on Sebastian every chance I had.

I decorated on a shoe string budget, tried new restaurants and loved on Sebastian despite his issues.

Lauren came to visit, we celebrated Easter and started the countdown for our many other spring and summer visitors!

We took long walks in the warm weather, played with my sweet sister and family, had fun-filled weekends and celebrated Memorial Day.

A little circus action, many Padres games, celebrated Hannah's high school graduation, attended a beautiful wedding, and at the end of the day felt pretty blessed for all life has provided. 

We soaked in the San Diego sun, had dates with friends and the California coast,  started planning our next big step, savored time with my sweet nephews and parents, attempted another puppy, and enjoyed time with P's family celebrating my birthday.

We vacationed in Seattle and decided quickly thereafter to move sooner than later if our plans worked out! Also wished a happy birthday to the sweetest momma, attended another beautiful wedding and celebrated one year until our big day. We were also blessed to later that month accept job offers with the great companies we work with today.

We packed up and headed North! It was as busy as could be, moving into our new home, starting our new jobs and for the second time in a year settling into life in a new city. My heart was overjoyed to be near family and Preston was a trooper for putting up with my hundreds of plans.

Cherished our engagement photos, and the month in general. Can't forget Halloween!

Did a lot of loving on my sweet niece, traveled to New York for work, soaked in the colors of my favorite season, and enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving with my family.

Wrapped presents, sipped hot chocolate, decorated, spent time with family and forgot to blog about most of it. Oops. :) Cheers to an amazing 2012!

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