Thursday, July 26, 2012

sneak peak

i wanted to share one sweet project (of many) that have been consuming our weekends and evenings. it has been such a blessing to spend so much time with my mom and sisters - and humbling to see how much they have been doing to help p and i have an amazing wedding weekend. my mom has spent every day the last few weeks prepping, organizing and helping me keep me head on straight - god bless that woman! my sweet little sister, bekah, has scoured thrift stores for the perfect finds (which trust me she has found) and helped finish each little detail. and there is a good chance that my older sister hannah has carpel tunnel from all of the writing and design i have been asking of her! the above gem is her hand-written label scanned and printed on our rehearsal dinner wine bottles. i am relishing in the goodness of her designs! i am beyond grateful for the sweetness of preston, who has put up with my silly antics, nonstop planning and all the other crazy that i have thrown at him. trust me, i have my fair share of crazy. ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012


i do in fact realize how completely and utterly terrible i have been here. until i have more time - here is a sweet photo from our wedding photographer nikki (who we adore) shot last weekend in port gamble -

god bless precious drooling st. bernards.