Wednesday, October 10, 2012


i think it is a little unrealistic (and boring even) to only list our fun wedding pictures and awesome adventures - gotta through a little real life in for good measure, no? which is why i present - domestic failures, version 1. you know the kenny chesney song - "eating burnt suppers the whole first year, and asking for seconds to keep her from tearing up." let's just say that is a pretty accurate description of life lately. :) 

last week i put one of the frozen stir fry meals on the stove - not a normal dinner, just a good option for those long days when you just want something mildly healthy to eat as fast as possible. except it doesn't work well when you begin cooking it for five minutes, decide it would be a good time to argue with your husband about something petty and forget completely about that stove top meal... luckily that same sweet husband forgives quickly and says, "it's ok, it doesn't taste bad..." (that chicken and those veggies were charred beyond recognition)

fast forward a few days, and we were having a few friends and family over for our photo reveal party (which i cannot wait to share!) i'd run home from work and started to put things together, but was quickly running out of time and starting to get a bit flustered. i went to grab an appetizer out of the oven and then quickly set the oven mitt down on the stove... on a burner that had been turned off one moment earlier and was blistering hot... so naturally the mitt melted on to the burner (currently remains unusable.) luckily for me my sweet dad showed up three minutes later to tell me, 'hey i know i am an hour and a half early so i am going to go grab a quick drink next door and watch the game! see ya soon!' friends you better believe i grabbed his arm so quick and pointed him towards the kitchen 'please! you can't use two of the burners and the oven smells strange but there are more sliders to be made' and then quickly poured myself a glass of wine and ran upstairs to change. 

the morals of these failures are god bless parents, and i have a lot left to learn. and thank you pjs for dealing with more than one not-so-awesome meals. 

and if i keeping it real, we have had pizza two nights in a row for dinner this week. it is only wednesday. except one of those was MNF so eating anything besides pizza or buffalo dip is frowned upon.

completely unrelated wagon image from our rehearsal dinner c/o oliverblue photography

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