Tuesday, January 29, 2013

project numero one


So this past weekend was most definitely a project weekend at our house. I am by no means patient, so when I found a craigslist dresser on Friday that prompted a trip to Home Depot, my mind naturally thought, if I am here I will get supplies for both projects I want to do. And I will do them in the next 36 hours, no matter how many curse words that entails.

And magnetic paint, well, that itself is reason enough for plenty of colorful language. Needless to say my skin is covered in TONS of paint even after two forty five minute steaming hot showers and scrubbing my arms with a toothbrush. BUT my projects are done, so we will chalk that up as a success. Also, Preston I am sorry for being an ass. A big one.

Point of the story - once I put my photos on my magnet chalkboard wall and scrub the rest of the paint from my body I will be back with some photos. For now - an inspiration photo of another chalkboard magnet will have to work. Of course now that I saw that beauty framed in wood I am tempted to do the same!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


One of my New Year's Resolutions was to incorporate new recipes into my 'go-to meal list' and to use more local, organic ingredients when cooking. I love knowing that the food we're putting in our bodies and straight from the ground of a local farm, rather than pushed through machine after machine and processed to death. (Except... for Valentine's Day sweethearts. Those don't come from the ground. They are processed to death. And yet I love them!)

I decided one new recipe a week was a good pace - so this is what we've had on the menu so far!

Chicken Parm Meatballs - Preston loves chicken Parmesan and meatballs, I on the other hand am not a breaded chicken fan and prefer bolognese sauce over meatballs. But these, these I can do! Easy to make and you can throw half of them in the freezer for a super easy meal another day.

Beef and Broccoli - My dad made this as a side dish on Christmas and I realized how much Preston LOVED it. I kind of felt bad for making him eat chicken five nights a week - ha! I followed my sisters verbal recipe (olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, corn starch for sauce and then beef and broccoli of course) and it turned out great!

Miso Glazed Salmon - Except I couldn't miso so it was maybe more like brown sugar glazed salmon? Whatever it was good!

Also on my to-make-really-soon list:

Lasagna Soup, oh my yum.

Lemon Orzo with Grilled Chicken

Taco Soup

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Happy Happy Twenty Five

A happy, happy 25th birthday to my very favorite guy in the whole world! P's birthday was this past Sunday, but we started the celebrating on Friday night with a surprise party! Preston went out with his friends for happy hour, and when they returned to our house later than night we surprised them! The best part was Preston's momma had flown in from Texas to surprise him (though I partially ruined this surprise because I am the. worst. secret. keeper. ever!)

Saturday for his actual birthday we had our annual french toast casserole birthday brunch (God bless you Paula Deen) followed by a West Seattle pub crawl later than night!

And on Sunday we did a brunch cruise on the sound with our beautiful mommas, followed by dinner at our fav neighborhood Mexican place. It was SO much fun celebrating my best guy all weekend long - thank you for being born Preston J! Cannot wait for the next 100 birthdays with you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

To-do List (home edition)

There are few things I love more than home projects. Seriously - I love, love, love working on our home. It makes my heart pitter-patter and puts a huge smile on my face. And since I happen to be seriously sad that Preston's awesome birthday weekend is over and am in need of something to put a smile on this face! So here, my friends, is my to-do list of projects for our little home...


1. Paint curtains in living room

2. Window covers - dining room, bedroom and guest room, kitchen

3. Art for sides of the credenza in dining room (because I took down everything yesterday, arranged a gallery wall - realized that was way too busy and decided to leave it empty instead!)

4. Do something (anything is better than what is going on right now) at the top of stairs

5. Do a gallery wall above bed

6. Find a hutch or dresser for side of bedroom

7. Redo night stands in bedroom (hopefully find new ones and chalk paint them)

8. New light for over dining room table (I am thinking this one, in yellow of course)

9. Organize closet (whoa buddy, it is a dark hole in there)

10. Organize Pantry (ditto)

11. Guest Bedroom Redo (or decorate to begin with rather)

12. Paint Guest Bed Desk (stripes)

13. Rugs for bedroom and guest room (stripes again, likely)

Now that I have written it all down here, I am holding myself to crossing each of these off the list and documenting it here! I so want to have some place to come to look at the places we have lived later down the line (you can check out our San Diego apartment here)!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Day Memories (or pre-wedding memories, rather)

Next month Preston and I will celebrate our 6 month (6 months!) wedding anniversary – and I have yet to write my favorite memories from the day! Let’s start right where we left off…

The Friday after our Rehearsal Dinner (also the day before the wedding) was so fun – and so relaxed if I dare even say it. We had breakfast in the lobby of the hotel and played outside in the lawn with family and friends. Then it was girl time – my bridesmaids and family headed to our room to put together all of our flowers. I had a vision in my head, but wasn’t too particular, and let’s just say they all came out far better than I could have ever pictured.

Next it was time to celebrate the best woman I know – my momma! My dad, sisters and aunt and I had planned an outdoor party for her birthday. By far, the best part was when we all went around sharing memories and our favorite things about her. I am such a lucky one to have that lady as my momma!

After the party, P and I headed to Doc’s Marina (delicious!) for a dinner party his mom’s side of the family was throwing. When I had thought about the weekend before, I thought by this point I may be getting stressed/ nervous. Not a chance – we had such a fun dinner. It was the first time I had gotten to spend quality time with that side of the family and they were amazing. Good food, great people and a perfect almost-husband – I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Oh twenty twelve. To say you were an amazing, incredible, beautiful year would be an understatement. To say you were also a difficult, sad and scary year at times would also be an understatement. I got to marry the guy of my dreams in our dream wedding (dream weekend rather) - there aren't enough words to describe how grateful, blessed and more than any thankful I am for that. We had the best honeymoon in Jamaica (which I also have recap here!) and so, so enjoyed relaxing and having not a single thing to worry about. We moved into a town house near the beach that we've made into a sweet little cottage. It was a year when so much planning came to fruition and we got to enjoy what we had planned and poured our hearts into for so long. We got to celebrate with friends, be near family. As soon as our planes landed back in the states from our honeymoon, and Preston turned on his cell phone for the first time in over a week, he had a voicemail offering him a long awaited position with a fantastic company that has been nothing short of awesome. 

For all of the incredible moments, we also had our share of hard ones. My sweet momma (who worked tirelessly and without complaint on our hundreds of wedding projects) became sick after her 6th ear surgery in March. It has been one of the hardest, and saddest, things to watch her deal with symptom after terrible symptom and, unfortunately, terrible doctors and insurance personnel as well. When reading through her notes of the past 10 months to make a consolidated history for an appointment we have this week, my heart broke into a few hundred pieces. It is so frustrating and sad to watch somebody you love hurt and not be able to help them. It is equally frustrating and sad to watch the people who are able to help them not do their jobs and treat them unkindly. Fortunately we have an appointment this week with an fantastic doctor that we are hoping can give us some answers! Near the end of last month, my dad also suffered a heart attack that scared our family to our core. Fortunately he is strong and a serious trooper so he is doing fine. He will be having his surgery this Wednesday to place four additional stents, prayers are of course always appreciated. 

Learning and compromise would also have to be two of the reoccurring themes of the past year! Preston is my absolute, without a doubt, favorite person in the entire world. He lights me up. We are also VERY similar - particularly our stubborn and opinionated personalities. We knew we had two type A personalities and we knew that putting them together would be awesome - but also hard, hard, hard. And it has been. I struggle to be patience, to give up control. I've certainly learned that those are two things you need in any marriage, and are things that I will have to continue to work on continuously.

Life is beautiful - hard and wonderful and crazy and perfect all at once. I want to try to savor it. Soak in everyday, not get so lost in searching and planning and goal setting that I forget to enjoy every day. 

So 2013, here's to you - may you be every bit as wonderful as 2012.