Monday, January 7, 2013


Oh twenty twelve. To say you were an amazing, incredible, beautiful year would be an understatement. To say you were also a difficult, sad and scary year at times would also be an understatement. I got to marry the guy of my dreams in our dream wedding (dream weekend rather) - there aren't enough words to describe how grateful, blessed and more than any thankful I am for that. We had the best honeymoon in Jamaica (which I also have recap here!) and so, so enjoyed relaxing and having not a single thing to worry about. We moved into a town house near the beach that we've made into a sweet little cottage. It was a year when so much planning came to fruition and we got to enjoy what we had planned and poured our hearts into for so long. We got to celebrate with friends, be near family. As soon as our planes landed back in the states from our honeymoon, and Preston turned on his cell phone for the first time in over a week, he had a voicemail offering him a long awaited position with a fantastic company that has been nothing short of awesome. 

For all of the incredible moments, we also had our share of hard ones. My sweet momma (who worked tirelessly and without complaint on our hundreds of wedding projects) became sick after her 6th ear surgery in March. It has been one of the hardest, and saddest, things to watch her deal with symptom after terrible symptom and, unfortunately, terrible doctors and insurance personnel as well. When reading through her notes of the past 10 months to make a consolidated history for an appointment we have this week, my heart broke into a few hundred pieces. It is so frustrating and sad to watch somebody you love hurt and not be able to help them. It is equally frustrating and sad to watch the people who are able to help them not do their jobs and treat them unkindly. Fortunately we have an appointment this week with an fantastic doctor that we are hoping can give us some answers! Near the end of last month, my dad also suffered a heart attack that scared our family to our core. Fortunately he is strong and a serious trooper so he is doing fine. He will be having his surgery this Wednesday to place four additional stents, prayers are of course always appreciated. 

Learning and compromise would also have to be two of the reoccurring themes of the past year! Preston is my absolute, without a doubt, favorite person in the entire world. He lights me up. We are also VERY similar - particularly our stubborn and opinionated personalities. We knew we had two type A personalities and we knew that putting them together would be awesome - but also hard, hard, hard. And it has been. I struggle to be patience, to give up control. I've certainly learned that those are two things you need in any marriage, and are things that I will have to continue to work on continuously.

Life is beautiful - hard and wonderful and crazy and perfect all at once. I want to try to savor it. Soak in everyday, not get so lost in searching and planning and goal setting that I forget to enjoy every day. 

So 2013, here's to you - may you be every bit as wonderful as 2012.

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