Tuesday, January 29, 2013

project numero one


So this past weekend was most definitely a project weekend at our house. I am by no means patient, so when I found a craigslist dresser on Friday that prompted a trip to Home Depot, my mind naturally thought, if I am here I will get supplies for both projects I want to do. And I will do them in the next 36 hours, no matter how many curse words that entails.

And magnetic paint, well, that itself is reason enough for plenty of colorful language. Needless to say my skin is covered in TONS of paint even after two forty five minute steaming hot showers and scrubbing my arms with a toothbrush. BUT my projects are done, so we will chalk that up as a success. Also, Preston I am sorry for being an ass. A big one.

Point of the story - once I put my photos on my magnet chalkboard wall and scrub the rest of the paint from my body I will be back with some photos. For now - an inspiration photo of another chalkboard magnet will have to work. Of course now that I saw that beauty framed in wood I am tempted to do the same!

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