Monday, January 21, 2013

To-do List (home edition)

There are few things I love more than home projects. Seriously - I love, love, love working on our home. It makes my heart pitter-patter and puts a huge smile on my face. And since I happen to be seriously sad that Preston's awesome birthday weekend is over and am in need of something to put a smile on this face! So here, my friends, is my to-do list of projects for our little home...


1. Paint curtains in living room

2. Window covers - dining room, bedroom and guest room, kitchen

3. Art for sides of the credenza in dining room (because I took down everything yesterday, arranged a gallery wall - realized that was way too busy and decided to leave it empty instead!)

4. Do something (anything is better than what is going on right now) at the top of stairs

5. Do a gallery wall above bed

6. Find a hutch or dresser for side of bedroom

7. Redo night stands in bedroom (hopefully find new ones and chalk paint them)

8. New light for over dining room table (I am thinking this one, in yellow of course)

9. Organize closet (whoa buddy, it is a dark hole in there)

10. Organize Pantry (ditto)

11. Guest Bedroom Redo (or decorate to begin with rather)

12. Paint Guest Bed Desk (stripes)

13. Rugs for bedroom and guest room (stripes again, likely)

Now that I have written it all down here, I am holding myself to crossing each of these off the list and documenting it here! I so want to have some place to come to look at the places we have lived later down the line (you can check out our San Diego apartment here)!

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