Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Day Memories (or pre-wedding memories, rather)

Next month Preston and I will celebrate our 6 month (6 months!) wedding anniversary – and I have yet to write my favorite memories from the day! Let’s start right where we left off…

The Friday after our Rehearsal Dinner (also the day before the wedding) was so fun – and so relaxed if I dare even say it. We had breakfast in the lobby of the hotel and played outside in the lawn with family and friends. Then it was girl time – my bridesmaids and family headed to our room to put together all of our flowers. I had a vision in my head, but wasn’t too particular, and let’s just say they all came out far better than I could have ever pictured.

Next it was time to celebrate the best woman I know – my momma! My dad, sisters and aunt and I had planned an outdoor party for her birthday. By far, the best part was when we all went around sharing memories and our favorite things about her. I am such a lucky one to have that lady as my momma!

After the party, P and I headed to Doc’s Marina (delicious!) for a dinner party his mom’s side of the family was throwing. When I had thought about the weekend before, I thought by this point I may be getting stressed/ nervous. Not a chance – we had such a fun dinner. It was the first time I had gotten to spend quality time with that side of the family and they were amazing. Good food, great people and a perfect almost-husband – I couldn’t have been more blessed.

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