Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Time Home Owner: Rugs are your best friend

I love, love, love owning a home. I am a complete novice (we've owned for about 4 months), and have yet to figure out how to fix our garage remote on one side or our half-broken garbage disposal. Despite of that, I think we've learned a few things that are worth sharing. Mainly in the arena of home decor, because, well that is one of the few areas I think I actually have some share-worthy knowledge!

To kick things off, I thought I would talk about one of my favorite things: rugs, rugs, rugs. I love them. I have been placed on rug-buying restriction more than once by my sweet husband more than once. They are the perfect way to pull a room together and instantly take a space from normal living area, to 'oh so cozy, I want to sip my coffee and read a book here and never leave'. For your first home, when things (like gallery walls) and decor and furniture are still coming together, rugs are such an easy way to make a space feel polished without breaking the bank. As for where to purchase cozy, awesome rungs, here are my favorite sources:

Joss & Main: Flash daily deal site with AWESOME furniture finds. They are owned by WayFair, and all of the products I've purchased have been awesome quality. If you keep an eye out and check daily (things can go fast!) you can find great rugs for a steal. Our old master bedroom rug is from Joss & Main and even after two moves, wear and tear from a St. Bernard and a cleaning at a horrible dry cleaners it is still going strong.

One King's Lane: Exactly the same as above, just not owned by WayFair. Really, really well curated picks, I would say a  tiny step above Joss & Main? I check both daily when I am in the market for something particular.

RugsUSA: Oh my wow the sales. That is the trick here - you have to find what you want, and then WAIT until there is a sale. They have 70% off at least once a quarter, and that my friends is when you should stock up on rugs. I MEAN REALLY, 70% OFF?!? They are having a President's Day sale now so hustle on over there if you are rug hunting. The rug above is from there, our guest room is from here and soon enough our patio rug will be from here (just don't tell Preston).

Happy shopping!

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  1. I love your rugs and chairs! I hope Preston lets you off of restriction soon so I can see what else you purchase for your new home!