Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flights Booked, Bags Packed!

Photo from glorious Cinque Terre {Monterosso}

Alright, that's a lie. My bags are most certainly not packed yet, but I have booked a few plane tickets for the next couple of months and couldn't be more excited! First up is San Francisco next month. I'm headed there for a work conference but staying for the weekend and Preston is flying up to meet me! So far our to-do list is wine tasting in Napa, visiting friends and eating a lot of delicious foods. Any recommendations are welcome!

Next ticket to purchase is Vegas for this babe's bachelorette party! We'll be going the second weekend of May which means PERFECT warm weather, hot enough to be by the pool but not hot enough to burn your face off. Absolutely cannot wait.

Ready, set, trip time!

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