Monday, February 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Our Housewarming Party

When I graduated from college, I wanted everything on the graduation party menu to be homemade. Nothing from a store, nothing from a box. I wanted to bake each little cake, use family recipes for all the appetizers. I was even a little bit offended when somebody so sweetly brought store brought wings. The nerve. 

Well, fast forward a few years to the house warming party for our first home, and my priorities seem to have shifted a bit! My sweet mom was coming in town for the party - her first time to our new house and city. And the most important thing was to have fun with her! Show her around, enjoy every little second and for our house warming party I wanted to take it easy. So Costco appetizers and a huge cheese board it was! And it was awesome. There was no stress of having to cook every little thing to perfection, to make it all perfectly homemade. In fact, with my darling momma and sweet mother in law there, I hardly did anything at all! They took care of prepping the yummies and I did what I love to - set it all out and decorated the table, wine in hand! Here are a few pictures of our get together, and three cheers for awesome momma's and Costco treats...

Also, let's be honest, I took the 'take it easy' mantra a little too far and didn't even think about taking out my actual camera. Or focusing my iphone camera. Woops! More importantly though, thank you to our sweet, sweet family and new friends for coming to celebrate with us. We are so, so appreciate of your encouragement, love and excitement! 

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