Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This print is surely going to find it's way onto my (soon-to-be-created) living room gallery wall. What an awesome verse to remember, especially in those moments when I am feeling anything but surefooted. (Like, for instance, last night. My first night in our home officially by myself as Preston was traveling for work. I don't know what the opposite of surefooted is - but I imagine it looks something like me falling asleep, then waking up terrified that the little noise downstairs was somebody breaking in. What the what?!)

So, back to thankful. Today I am feeling especially for being able to have a great cup of coffee at work, when I get here bright and early in the morning. If I'm ever dreading waking up, or going out into the cold, I think about a delicious cup of coffee waiting for me and it does wonders! Also thankful for...

The slobberiest, hairiest, messiest, sweetest puppy in the whole world. The puppy who sneaks onto the couch (where he knows he is not allowed) to get his beauty rest at night. The dog who wags his tail and makes the happiest faces at me even when I am giving him my mean face.

I'm grateful to have the kindest, most loving family as neighbors. Bonus that the dad is in law enforcement and makes sure I know him and his wife are completely available, at any time, for anything I need, while Preston is out of town.

The honesty and love of friends and sisters. And long emails and great phone calls and funny texts.

City and Colour Pandora station.

Last but least, thankful for the most awesome guy in the whole. entire. world. Who I completely take for granted until he leaves for a work trip and I realize just how stinking much I miss him! I married up, that is for sure. Thanks for making life rad P Simon.

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