Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekends in Austin: Margaritas, Library and Sunshine

This weekend we had Preston's family in town to celebrate his Nana's 79th birthday. I know it is a thing to say how young people look as they turn another year older - but wow, does it really apply to her! She doesn't look a day over 70 and is still as active as ever - working full time, busy going to the ballet and movies and anything else you can imagine. She is such an inspiration!

While here, she wanted to visit the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, and I will admit I was a little hesitant. On a sunny weekend the last thing I typically want to do is be inside. But this museum was incredible! It was redone it 2012 and was so impeccably executed - from the video montages, to the recorded phone conversations to the design - it was flawless. You get such a feel for who Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson were, not only as politicians, but as people. I absolutely loved seeing Lady Bird's incredible office (that she worked at up until her passing) - the bright sofa, clean mid century designs - I was in love. I know Austin is known for live music and great food, but if you visit I highly recommend adding the library to your agenda! (As a side note, when they zoomed in on this photo of LBJ during the House of Cards episode I watched last night I excitedly geeked out that I knew the back story. Do you watch House of Cards? If not, start. Now.)

I always find myself fascinated by former first ladies whenever I am at museums or listening/ reading about former Presidents. Who they were, how they handled the power, fame and pressure of being a First Lady. One recorded phone conversation between Lady Bird and former President Johnson was her critiquing a speech he had just given and I was so impressed at her candor - and incredibly honest constructive criticism. 

I naturally had to get in on some margarita action in honor of National Margarita Day on Saturday. We went to the Salt Lick (an Austin staple) on Saturday night, though I have to say that so far my favorite margarita has been the skinny margarita from here. It is a very uncool choice in a town full of cool choices, but my taste buds don't lie! The rest of our weekend was spent soaking up as much of the beautiful sunshine as possible. A long walk, patio lounging and lots of reading on Sunday made for a perfect day.

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