Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Favorite Movies

Here's the thing, I don't love movies. I normally get a strange side eye whenever I say this, and I get it. Movies are great! They're the best! How do you not love them?! Well, friends, here is how: I have a short attention span! I love TV shows because in 30 minutes or an hour I get a full plot line and then I can get up and take a walk, do the laundry, read part of my book and organize a closet! Its a win win. But, alas, there are certain movies that I adore and thought I thought it would be fun to share them. I should let you know that I read to be intellectually challenged, but I watch movies to be entertained. So don't be offended by my mostly light-hearted (albeit awesome) picks...

Best Movie I've Seen in the Last Year: About Time
I cried for a solid two hours after this movie, it was that good. I know that time travel as a movie sounds cliche and overdone, but this one was done so perfectly. I love everything about it, I would really like to invite that sweet red head to be my brother, but that might be weird.

Best Documentary: Happy
I think if I could watch this and then listen to Happy by Pharrell every day it would be impossible to ever have a bad day. The interviews are so telling - and do such an incredible job showing how you don't need money or comfortable amenities to be happy (and that a lot of times mo' money really is mo' problems).

Best Movie to Watch Over and Over: No Strings Attached
This movie got pretty blah reviews and I think I may be the only person in the world who actually likes it. But for some reason this is one of the few (we're talking 5) movies I actually like watching more than once. I love Natalie Portman, especially in this movie. Best line is definitely "You look like a pumpkin, bitch!" I will also say that Wedding Crashers is a very close second in this category.

Best Movie that Your Husband Will Actually Want to Watch with you: American Gangster
This movie is long, and kind of violent, which basically is everything I don't like but it is SO GOOD. Really, really good. Also, the feature song for the movie, Do You Feel Me by Anthony Hamilton is the best. Lincoln Lawyer was a really, really closer runner up followed by The Firm (pre scientology Tom was so great). If there was a category for 'Best Comedy Movie Your Husband Will Watch with You that is not Wedding Crashers' it would be Crazy Stupid Love.

Best Christmas Movie: The Family Stone
Ya'll, just thinking about SJP's tick in this movie makes me cringe. Oh the spilled strata scene?! Oh my. It is a Christmas staple for me. Runners up in this category were Christmas Vacation and Home Alone, obviously.

Best Movie to Watch with your Sisters: Little Women
Do you too read the book and watch the movie thinking about who you and your sisters are? Maybe you only do this if you have lots of sisters? I am a Jo, who are you? It should also be noted that several movies on this post are best enjoyed watching with sisters.

Best Chick Flick: Notebook
No explanation needed.

Your Mom's Favorite Movie that is also Your Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Oh, Patrick Swayze, why are you such a dream?! Runner up here is absolutely Grease.

Best Independent Movie: The Kids are All Right
Why is Julianne Moore just the best ever?! I adore her and this movie is great.

Best Movie to Watch with Kids: The Goonies
Such a classic. You aren't living until you've done the Truffle Shuffle.

Best Movie Ever, in the History of Movies: Father of the Bride 2 (FOB 2 if you are in my family)
If you are in my family, you know every line of this movie and you regularly do tell people to 'Mackaykalam!" and have reenacted this scene multiple times.

Best Diane Keaton Movie: Something's Gotta Give
Yes, this does get it's own genre because how can you not love Diane Keaton. Have you read her memoir? SO good. Anyways, I have to say that this movie is the best, but also I think my older sister may disown me if I didn't love this movie? So I never really know how much that influences my picks. But this one, this is one I can watch over and over and over.

Movie I am Dying to See: Before Sunrise / Before SunsetBefore Midnight 
I want to see this series SO bad - but I haven't been able to find it until recently when I was told it was on Netflix?!? I haven't confirmed this, but if it has really been under my nose this whole time I am doing some major fist shaking to myself.

Alright, what are your favorite movies that I must watch?! No judging here, promise!

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