Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The (very) Unpretty State of my House

That my friends, is the state of our house right now. It is a straight up zoo in here! I think that so often we see pictures of the finished project - pretty houses, bathroom, kitchens - but don't really see behind the scenes. So, let me tell you that right now in the middle of a big (to us) renovation our lives look like: eating waffles from a toaster on the floor, messes upon messes in every room downstairs and lots of painting and sanding (repeat 12x). It will be SO worth it when I can stare at my new subway tile kitchen backsplash and never have to look at the floral on floral bathroom wallpaper ever again. And I should say that I am so LOVING the fact that we are able to make these changes without ever having to ask permission from a landlord - I get giddy every time I think about how blessed we are to own this first home of ours.

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