Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Weekend highlights included a sweet, sweet puppy giving his puppy dog eyes every chance he got. I sometimes get nervous that house guests are going to be completely annoyed at having a HUGE, hairy, slobbery St Bernard in the house but our guests this weekend were so sweet and gracious and spoiled him with belly rubs and lovin'. We also got to go hiking at Barton Creek - another check mark on the Austin to-do list! Also, I'm pretty sure Olive and June is my new favorite place in Austin. I can only speak for the drinks and atmosphere, but you better believe that next time I will be trying my fair share of that delicious Italian food. Hope your weekend was wonderful!!


  1. Drooling over your "white plastic chair" that you get to have!!

  2. HA!!! Plastic + white - Dustin's favorite ;)