Monday, April 7, 2014

What do you believe in?

What do you believe in? I read Blue Like Jazz (read it, please) a couple of weeks ago and I loved it, I devoured it. There were SO many concepts that made me stop, think, reevaluate, repeat. One of the concepts that was so brilliant (but so shockingly simple) was around beliefs. Donald discussed how so many of the people we follow - actors, musicians, authors - we like them because they are 'cool' but really we have no idea what they believe. We are blindly following people with no understanding of what they support, what they are motivated by, what they believe in. I immediately started to brainstorm ways I was exempt from this, tried to think of people I admired and if I knew what they believed, and for the most part I had no idea. What made me more nervous, was that I was the culprit of this. I've planted a notion in my own head around not sharing what I believe in so as not to hurt anybody's feelings. But here's the thing, sharing what I believe is not forcing my beliefs upon anybody. I am not putting anybody down about their thoughts - in fact, the more I share and think about my own beliefs the more I am so curious about the other's around me and want to hear what they think and why they think it. So, in the interest of transparency, here are some things I believe in...

Jesus. I believe that above all else Jesus wants us to love each other. 

Being kind is more important than being right. For the record, this is the HARDEST thing in the world to me. I struggle with it every hour of every day. I am not good at it, but I believe it and am working on making myself a reflection of this. I need a lot of work!!

I believe that our culture has a horrible notion of 'I deserve' that fuels our materialism. I worked 50 hours a week so I deserve a Starbucks. I closed a big deal so I deserve a new outfit. I AM THE WORST OFFENDER AT THIS. I rationalize things in my own head all the time - but here is the thing, I deserve none of what I have. A comfortable bed in a beautiful house with a caring husband and supportive family and steady job - those are God given. I deserve them no more than the sweet homeless man at my intersection who sleeps on cement every day.

I believe the homeless community is own of the most loving, selfless group of people in the world. They don't have the tie to materialism that makes a lot of the country (myself completely included) greedy little bastards. When I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago a few of my coworkers and I walked up to homeless woman with leftovers packaged to give to her. Before we could say a word, she opened her bag with pastries gifted to her from a bakery and OFFERED THEM TO US. This woman wanted to share the only food she had with her, unconcerned with where her next meal would come from, her only thought was to see if we wanted any of her food. I've never thought of the saying 'You never know what Jesus will look like when he comes' to be more true than right then.

I believe a well placed curse word can make a story that much better. 

I believe in real food and supporting real farmers. I think that spending a little more for whole foods and for animals that were raised humanely is something we all should do. Also, I should also note that I believe in ice cream in waffle cones, full fat milk lattes, red wine and cheese. Lots of cheese. 

I believe that (most) insurance companies are full of shit.

I believe in gay marriage. I think that one day we're going to look back at the way that politicians, churches and people in general have ostracized this community in complete disgust and disbelief.

I believe in living with your means. And having a rainy day savings account. 

I also believe in travel. If there is one thing I'm willing to spend more on it is 100% travel. I will take a plane flight and a memory over fancy clothes and a new car any day.

I believe in getting your hands a little dirty.

I believe that babies are magic. I think that pregnancy + birth + sweet, snuggly newborns are proof that God is real.

I believe in grace, and giving it when it is undeserved. To your self and to others. Again, I am terrible at this and hope so bad that I improve.

I believe in talking to my mom every day, and keeping my fingers crossed that her grace and wisdom rubs off on me. 

I believe in messy houses that come from dirty puppy paws, and paint spilled and games left out and kids toys on the floor and unfinished art projects on the table. (My crazy, type A, I-want-everything-always-clean personality does not always agree with this but I'm working on it.)

I believe in coconut oil the way the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding believes in Windex. It works for everything.

I believe in putting your time and money where your mouth is. Again, I suck at this. I've been thinking lately so much about what story my money and time tell about me, and really, I have a TON of work I need to do there. 

I believe in home cooked dinners. And board games. Did I mention red wine already? It's worth saying twice.

I believe in sweet friends and sisters, who are such a saving grace in my life. AND I BELIEVE IN ME WORKING ON HOW HORRIBLE I AM ABOUT STAYING IN TOUCH. 

With that, I would love to know, what do you believe in?! What is most important to you? What do you love? What pisses you off?


  1. I need to give this book another try! I started it and never finished, but now I am inspired to start it up again! Thank you for Monday inspiration!

  2. You should!!! I can send it to you or bring it to Vegas next month if you want! :)