Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Instagram Doesn't Say

I'm sure you've all read the hundreds of articles on how negatively social media can impact our lives. We look at the highlight reel of some else's life on Instagram or Facebook - we see their vacations, engagements, promotions and compare it to our everyday life of dirty dishes and work frustrations. So, in the interest of transparency, I'd love to show you a little bit of my highlight reel - alongside what was really going on behind the scenes.

What it looks like: Look at us, so healthy! Eating our pretty vegetables straight from the farm! 
The truth: Preston won't touch those beets with a six foot stick. Also, our breakfast had 6 lbs of butter and sugar in it.

What it looks like: My cute husband, grocery shopping with me, so sweet.
The truth: My cute husband thinks grocery shopping is as fun as eating dog poop.

What it looks like: Look at us going on adventures everywhere!
The truth: We fought the entire hour before this because I was jealous, I wanted to rappel too damnit!

What it looks like: I am so on top it of it! Sending cute thank you cards in a timely fashion, how sweet!
The truth: The written out thank you cards have been in my purse for OVER A MONTH. Embarrassing.

What it looks like: Look at me! I made fresh baked bread! What a little domestic goddess I am!  
The truth: That bread tasted like cardboard, ya'll. Baking is not my calling. 

What it looks like: I have the cutest dog ever! 
The truth: I do have the cutest dog ever but my house is covered in hair constantly!

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