Monday, April 21, 2014

When Blogging goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Let me tell you a little story. It was about a week and a half ago, and I was at work trying to get an issue with our website DNS solved. The problem was persistent and involved me having to make a call to the IT Director of the umbrella company that my product used to be owned by. Due to some email issues, our work emails on Outlook weren't making it through to each other. I needed to get him the information asap, so I volunteered sending it from my personal email. I opened up a tab, pulled up gmail and clicked on 'Compose' which popped the draft box in the bottom right hand corner. I typed in his email, titled it something along the lines of 'Remove our website from Akamai Configuration' and then clicked send while on the phone. Only seconds later did I realize that instead of sending the correct email I accidentally sent THIS INCREDIBLY PERSONAL post I had been working on the night before in my gmail draft. AHH!!!! This poor man thought he was getting a normal website request and instead I (unknowingly) bared my soul to him. My cheeks turned bright red as I immediately started stuttering explaining that I sent the wrong email and could he please OH MY GOSH delete the personal email I accidentally sent him. I have no idea if he did or not (and am choosing not to think about). I emailed Molly right away to tell her my embarrassing story (to which she responded with the picture above) and every time I think about it my cheeks still burn. So, friends, my advice to you is to not work on blog posts in draft emails, and if you do, don't send them to IT Directors on accident.

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